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In attempting to provide a reason for the growth of Groser & Groser and its collective expertise, Francis Groser says, The trust reposed in Groser & Groser is evidenced by the fact that after its modest beginning, the expansion and growth of the firm have compelled it to re-locate twice to larger premises, the second of which has seen the subsequent acquisition of four adjoining suites to cater to the firm’s needs and to accommodate its growing professional and non-professional staff. They have a rich and experienced team and specifically, with respect to patents, our attorneys are qualified to cover all major scientific disciplines including mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, software and IT, physics, chemistry, biotechnology and life sciences. Their attorneys are also qualified at law with a degree of a baccalaureate or higher, so if ever called upon to do so, they could actually appear before a court of law in India. Given this, they aim to be a one-stop provider of solutions for all our clients’ IP problems and dilemmas“.

About Groser & Groser

Groser & Groser is a pioneering intellectual property firm of attorneys that was established by IP stalwart Francis Groser who has over five decades of industry expertise working in the intellectual property industry. Over the course of his career, Francis has played a significant role in the development of IP in India in general and has made numerous contributions to the overall development of the industry. Francis can also claim to be the only practising Indian patent attorney who was trained by two British Chartered Patent Attorneys initially as a technical assistant and later absorbed into the firm’s mainstream patent department which he rose to head for over seventeen years.

How did the journey begin?

Even with the success, he had as a professional working in the industry, the incentive and ambition to start an intellectual property practice of his own was always with him. So, in 1993, Francis took the first step towards bringing his dream to fulfilment through the establishment in January 1994 of Groser & Groser. The firm was established with the specific objective of providing clients, particularly clients aboard, with prompt, efficient and effective assistance in the specialist area of Indian Intellectual property. At that time, it was felt that the Indian intellectual property profession as it then existed did not always fulfil this need. In any given calendar year, forty per-cent of all trademark applications and approximately eighty per-cent of all patent applications filed in India originated from abroad as they still do. Against this, the number of experienced Indian Intellectual property attorneys was by comparison extremely small. The result was that the prosecution of the greater majority of this large volume of work lay in the hands of just three or four firms. The problems that could and did accrue from such a situation are not difficult to perceive. Groser & Groser was conceived as an appropriate answer to those problems and over the intervening almost twenty-eight years has been able to cement its legacy in the Indian IP industry and carve a niche for itself in the market.

Groser & Groser acknowledges the fact that assistance and advice from reliable Indian intellectual property attorneys are even more relevant in present times which have seen the mushrooming in India of a very large number of alleged IP firms whose credentials are yet to be proven. Understanding this, Groser & Groser operates with an aim to provide its clients prompt, efficient and effective assistance in the specialist area of Indian intellectual property. The commitment of the firm never to compromise on the quality of its services has helped it not only to create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes both Indian and international clients. Starting from modest beginnings, Groser & Groser has been able to develop into a sought-after Indian IP consultancy provider covering all major technological disciplines. Its success is a testament that showcases the quality of the services offered by the firm and its mentality always to strive for constant improvement. This is also one of the primary catalysts behind the transformation of Groser & Groser into a full-service IP firm with a full complement of professionals possessing the requisite expertise, qualifications and experience to provide service and advice with respect to Indian patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights and domain names.

Evolving with the changing times, Groser & Groser is not ready to rest on its laurels and has made its intentions clear to be always on top of the game and expand its reach both in the Indian and international markets.


Since Groser & Groser is a full-service IP firm, they are qualified to offer our services for the assistance of our clients in respect of all areas of intellectual property. Their major services, however, are in respect of patents, trademarks and to a lesser extent designs.

Trademark & Patent Filing

Intellectual property involving the filing, prosecution and eventual grant particularly in respect of patents and trademarks is indeed a complex procedure that calls for specialized knowledge of the respective laws as well as in the case of patents a background in one or more scientific disciplines. It is to this end that Groser & Groser is staffed with patent and trademark attorneys versed not only in the respective laws but, as far as patents are concerned, also possessed of the requisite qualifications and skill in one or more of the sciences.

Copyright Service

The registration of copyrights in India is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957, and such act offers protection not only for artistic works but also for architectural works, dramatic works, literary works, musical works and cinematographic films. Groser & Groser has offered services to clients for registration of their copyrights and have acted to do so on occasion. However, their experience is that for registration of copyrights clients tend to work with general legal practitioners rather than intellectual property attorneys.

Founder’s Journey

Francis Groser started his career as a technical assistant in what was then the largest firm of patent and trademark attorneys in India. That firm was at the time owned by two British Chartered Patent Attorneys and in accordance with the practice followed by British patent attorneys; Francis Groser was employed in the capacity of a technical assistant to be groomed in due course to becoming a patent attorney.

Initially, Indian patent law contained no provision for the registration of patent agents and it was only after the Patents Act, 1970 came into force that such provision was introduced following which Francis Groser duly qualified as an Indian patent agent in 1978. He stayed with his earlier firm to be head of its patent department for seventeen years until he resigned in 1993. He then set up Groser & Groser in 1994 and with the greater freedom he acquired as leader of his own firm, joined the Indian chapters of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association and AIPPI where he acted as a Council Member and Vice President respectively.

In 1997, he became one of only two Indian overseas members of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, London. In 1999, Francis acquired a bachelor of laws degree in 1999 to add to his other qualifications. Subsequently, in 2008, he was responsible for setting up the Indian chapter of Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle (FICPI) and served as its first president.

Providing Service to

As a qualified intellectual property firm, Groser & Groser does not target any specific industry. Their associations with the clientele dictate the areas of work they carry out. As far as patents are concerned, Groser & Groser is particularly active in the fields of electronics, biotechnology, chemistry and mechanical and electrical engineering. In respect of trademarks, no such break-up can be identified since trademarks represent a visually oriented service as opposed to a scientific one.

Serving around the Globe

The very great majority of the clients of their firm are all foreign-based that is a reflection of the purpose behind which our firm was initially set up. Their clients are located in countries spread across the globe from Australia and New Zealand in the east to the US and Argentina in the west. This is not to suggest that they do not have Indian clients or that they would not welcome startups.

Words on the Indian Law for IP, Trademark, Patent, and Copyright

The scope of this query by you is so vast that it would be unrealistic to attempt to provide an indication of changes in the IP laws you mention. In fact, no two intellectual property attorneys would enunciate the same changes they feel necessary. However, what would be a step in the right direction would be the setting up of interactive meetings between the Controllers and Registrars of India’s established IP offices and senior members of the IP profession where problematic areas could be discussed dispassionately with a view to getting both sides on the same page.

Plan for expansion

The fact that Groser & Groser firm started with just two persons and has reached the size it is today is a testimony to the expansion they have made in terms of workforce. This in turn is a reflection of the confidence and trust which clients have reposed in them. The worldwide intellectual property profession is rather like an exclusive old boys’ club. One cannot force oneself into it. To be considered worthy of membership is determined by the quality of one’s work which in turn is responsible for referrals or recommendations of one’s firm to other IP attorneys.

Advertising as the commercial world knows it is absolutely out. Instead, attendance at International IP conferences where attendees can interact with several other attorneys from all parts of the world is helpful since it gets a person or a firm known. However, visits to attorneys and other clients in person is arguably the best way of promoting oneself since such visits offer an opportunity for serious discussions on problematic issues faced by a client, an advantage that may not be possible at a conference where the attractions of food, drink and general bonhomie usually prevail.

Year of Founding:1994
Founding Members:Francis Groser and Robin Groser
Registered Address:D-1/5 DLF Qutab Enclave Phase-1, Gurgaon  
Working Office:The Peach Tree Complex, Suites 28 to 31, C-Block, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon – 122009, India.  
Company Strength:40  –  Attorneys: 11  – Trainee Attorney :1  

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