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1.Niraj Desai MANAGING DIRECTOR Group Nish

Group Nish is a CRISIL-rated 1B company that is fully in line with its goal of becoming the preferred global vendor of EPC contracts in the Electromation field. With their strong belief in their “Instrumentation Based, Process Focused” motto, they are committed to focusing on their customers’ operations by incorporating special understanding values ​​into their processes. They are EPC Contractor for Electricity, Instrumentation, and Automation Solutions in Water & Wastewater, Chemistry, Steel, Textile, Smart City, and Energy Industries.


Group Nish with a motto of ‘Instrumentation Based, Process Driven’ is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the field of ELECTROMATION

Group Nish, which set out with the motto of ‘Instrumentation Based, Process Oriented’, is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of Electromatic. Its headquartered in India. Group Nish started its journey in 1999 to become one of the most experienced organizations in the fields of instrumentation, automation, and electrical solutions based on EPC. Having established a name in India, Group Nish is now expanding its wings all over the world with its rich experience in various fields of instrumentation, automation, and electrical solutions.

Through its different divisions, Group Nish provides its clients with the answers they need to strengthen their businesses. Their organization is now the most trusted name when it comes to concluding EPC contracts from 66 KV Switchyard to C&Is. They specialize in providing Electromation solutions to the Process and Infrastructure industries across India and have expanded their operations to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Their Proven Capabilities:

As a company, they have a comprehensive awareness and expertise of the Indian market as well as the cultural patterns of various industrial solutions. They are one of the top EPC Contractors in Electrical, Instrumentation, and Automation with a solid track record in Water and Wastewater, Process Industries, Steel Industry, and Renewal Energy.

They have an in-house Design, Programming, Panel Manufacturing, and Application Department. Their Design Team has extensive expertise in various design software such as E-Plan and AUTOCAD and we adhere to ISA, IEEE and IEC standards for drawings and their designs are accepted by all Indian and international experts. Their programming team is knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of programming languages, including FB, SFC, LD, ST, and IL.

As a result, our staff can work on any Automation Platform. Also, because of our understanding of the process, we design programs in a unique way that works efficiently and uses less memory of the process. Their Production Department is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and has the skills to manufacture all AG, PLC, MASA, VFD Specialty, and YG Panels. They have successfully integrated the highest 1000 i/o Panel production rate per day. They are both ISO and OHS certified.

They have a dedicated in-house workforce of over 100 employees who are specially trained and skilled in cable laying, conduit work, termination, cold loop testing, hot loop testing, pneumatic tubing, and piping work. With their in-house workforce and highly dedicated Engineers team, they can undertake any project with a time constraint and their Project Management ensures the Job is completed on time.

Their Core Strength –

Design, engineering, supply, installation, and commissioning of ICA, Electrical and Electro-Mechanical solutions

  • Water and Wastewater
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Substations and Energy Distribution Lines
  • Solid Waste Plasma Based Incinerators
  • Steel Mills
  • Textile Technology Machinery
  • Textile Processing Machines
  • POY/PFY Facilities

Their Basic values

In the execution of the vision and mission, we demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Sufficiency
  • Integrity
  • positive behavior
  • Shared Leadership

Their Solution:

  • Process Automation
  • IIoT
  • MCC, PCC, APFC, and VFD Panels
  • switchyard
  • Business mind

Group Nish employees come from a wide variety of cultural, educational, and geographic backgrounds and can work in a dynamic professional environment that values ​​their individual perspectives. Working with Group Nish is a journey, a learning experience. There is so much to discover and develop your talent. Group Nish has a challenging and enjoyable work environment that helps you realize your potential. It is important to us to nurture a culture that encourages collaboration, teamwork, and individual growth. Group Nish’s work culture and environment support not only the work they do but also their employees in various ways.

As Group Nish, they consider human resources as the backbone of their long-term success and focus on increasing the added value per employee consciously and consistently.

Group Nish Departments 

  1. Design Division: NISH has a staff of instrumentation, control, automation, and electrical design engineers. NISH engineers work on P&I diagrams, Panel GA, Loop diagrams, interlocking logic diagrams, wiring plan preparation from general layout, grounding, and lighting calculations, etc. 
  1. Execution Division: NISH offers a team dedicated to the installation of instrumentation, control, automation, and electrical systems. NISH engineers have extensive experience and training in cable laying, conduit work, termination, cold loop testing, hot loop testing, pneumatic tubing and tubing, and other fieldwork. 
  1. Programming Division: NISH has a staff of highly trained programmers who can perform all kinds of automation programming by IEEE-61131-3 programming standards. NISH engineers are well trained and experienced in programming languages ​​such as FB, SFC, LD, ST, and IL, which allows them to work on any control system such as SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, ROCKWELL, GE, and others. 
  1. Panel Division: NISH has a 1400 SQ MTR workshop with electric AG, PLC, Table, VFD, and special and HV panel features. NISH has included a maximum of 1000 i/o panels in daily production as a test of collection capacity. They can integrate panels by international standards and our quality of work is comparable to that of any international brand. 

CSR Initiative

Nish Techno Project Pvt. Ltd. has always been sensitive to social concerns and is committed to running its core business in a socially responsible manner, keeping in mind the wider interests of society and the environment.

Health care:

Improving HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) in the Chemical Industry through Automation:

  1. Health: Due to the different fundamental processes in the chemical industry, the life of a person running the process is always at risk and a single mistake can trigger a major accident at the plant. While their systems take care of this, they also ensure that they protect the health of the operator by limiting his exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. 
  1. Safety: By commissioning the automation process for chemical companies, all the basic parameters of the process are taken care of by the system itself and it is guaranteed that accidents and major malfunctions are kept to a minimum. 
  1. Environment: Their systems add value to reducing pollution and reducing their carbon footprint.


Group Nish wanted to become India’s leading infrastructure custom engineering company Their Mission is to serve our customers, employees, and citizens by providing innovative quality solutions to India’s infrastructure and environmental problems.


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