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“Digitizing the manual paper-based system into a digital visitor management system”

Happy Visitor is one of the top leading visitor management industries that provide world-class solutions for front office automation software. It empowers businesses worldwide, serving dozens of industries to make on-site experiences for employees and visitors safe, secure, and effortless. This company is developed by a group of people who are extremely passionate about transforming day-to-day business activities and operations. When you become a partner with Happy Visitor, you’ll gain instant access to exclusive resources and services. They help your business to grow with security. They realize that great partners deliver great solutions. Happy Visitor e-Solutions are looking out for enthusiastic partners from across the globe to help them scale newer heights. Their partner program provides a great amount of support, training, and exposure to ensure their partners generate new business opportunities. Like 

  • Create Impact: You can Partner with them to co-develop initiatives in line with your organizational goals and principles that help local, national, and global users worldwide.
  • Promote Secure Workplace: They offer a range of tailored opportunities for organizations to share their expertise and develop their skills by supporting their members in making the workplace more secure.
  • Engage With Like Minds: Expand your office security and streamline your front-desk with a smart, simple, & secured system with the help of leading experts, specialists, and supporters in the field.

Services they have: 

  • Visitor management: Imagine standing in long queues to sign in to a register to enter your meeting venue. With Happy Visitor, they replace all paper-based visitor registrations with a completely automated visitor management system.
  • Material management: With their material movement system, create an audit trail between statistical information and the associated material movement. An effective and powerful module to automate the entire process of inward and outward material movement management. With a well-defined approval process, SMS/e-mail notifications, real-time reporting, etc. Happy Visitor will take the pain out of material movement tracking across the enterprise.
  • Register digitalization: Reduce the usage of paper by eliminating all paper-based registers at your front desk and making your organization paperless. Increase efficiency at your front desk by going paperless and streamlining the visitor registration process through automation. Their software is seamless, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • Consumable management: Eliminate the risk of incorrect or unreliable consumables inventory records and keep all inventory processes on track. Track and record real-time consumables inventory status; it helps you to plan your further requirements and to plan accordingly for further purchase of materials from your vendor. 
  • Delivery Vehicle Management: Monitor, Standardize, and Streamline process across locations with their easy-to-use delivery vehicle management system. Smart dashboard to receive & manage delivery orders from all sources in a single place. Track complete order fulfillment cycle, from order, received, to dispatch, to delivery.
  • Work Permit Module: Establish control, coordination, and communication, following correct work sequences among the agency through online technology. 
  • Employee Movement Tracking: Maximize your team’s productivity and keep your projects on track with simple and secure tracking solutions. You can monitor the real-time location of your employee during their working hours. Also, get alert messages if anyone wastes their time.
  • Seat Booking System: Create your perfect hybrid workplace. Maximize space utilization, streamline business processes, & manage your teams in a better way. The Next Generation of Organization & Management.

Happy Visitor provides you with an accurate picture of who is at work or in the building, with a real-time employee dashboard and the ability to view historical reports. In addition to having digitized registers, Happy Visitor is also an advanced visitor management system. It’s great for workplace security and site safety. Happy Visitor is a leading Front Office Automation platform empowering Happy Workplaces for complete automation of Front Office & Gate operations. They provide simple and affordable solutions that streamline their client’s front desk management challenges. Whether you need to automate the front office operations, track visitors, assets, or consumables, or secure your premises, the Happy Visitor is a one-stop solution for all.

Website- https://happy-visitor.com/

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