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Haqdarshak is building the systems to support a next-gen welfare delivery service at the last-mile; with technology being leveraged by a trained support agent, their model is designed to scale and empower.


They have a vision to improve socio-economic conditions and elevate the standard of living of communities by ensuring ‘last-mile’ service delivery of government welfare and financial services.


Enable every citizen and MSME with access to government welfare and financial services.

What Haqdarshak do?

• Use technology to bridge the information gap by digitizing and codifying welfare schemes data on the platform thereby building a rich repository of government services in local Indian languages.

• Makes available, an easy eligibility-discovery engine which provides results in minutes.

• Train select field agents for on-field implementation to implement the assisted-tech model.

• Provide end-to-end application support to community members.

Why Haqdarshak Exists?

The Indian government spends over 7% of its GDP on welfare services. But there’s still a huge gap in the demand and supply, resulting in unspent funds. For this, information asymmetry is the major reason.

Other Problems:

• Beneficiaries live in remote areas, rural areas and so touchpoints are far.

• Limited mobility and public transport. Poor network connectivity.

• Low level of literacy. Difficulty in comprehending government information.

Haqdarshak Beneficiaries

“I will be getting Rs.750 per month and that is comforting. I want to thank Haqdarshak for ensuring a regular monthly flow of income”.

                                    – Sukhdev Singh, Beneficiary of the Old Age Pension Scheme

“I’ve never had a mobile phone, but after becoming a Haqdarshak I started earning monthly income of Rs.10, 000 through which I have started my own common service centre with a printer, laptop, lamination machine”.

                                    -Zeba Khan

“The Haqdarshak mobile app has made it easy to get information on government schemes and apply for them. I received Rs.2,000 from the government”.

                                    -Shubham Tiwari, Beneficiary of the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana

“With Haqdarshak’s support, I could apply for a scheme which provided me Rs.6, 000 to buy milch animals at a subsidized price”.

                                    -Radha Jagtap, Dairy Farmer

“I am very thankful to Haqdarshak for helping me access a business loan. I will be able to invest into my business and expand my shop”.

                                    -Sharad Tiwari, Kirana Store owner

Website: https://haqdarshak.com/

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