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“Introducing technology for carbon-negative agriculture “

HAVILAH BHARAT, Indian Technology for sustainable development, is a unique and enduring project on Agriculture technology with no adverse effect on the environment. It is an ideal project to fulfill the Paris Agreement on Climate Change obligations of member Nations. A complete automated structure for carbon-negative green farming using cloud formation of ultrafine nano water, which reduces the localized temperature from 122F/50℃ to about 70/21℃. This is bound to assist in the large endeavor of solving the climate change issue. The multi-story structure for green open vertical farming yields nine times productivity, including poultry, meat, dairy, pisciculture, and apiary along with a rainwater harvesting system. Farming technology has gone through the whole industrialization phase. It has come full circle to the general understanding that naturally grown food and heirloom local food are the most beneficial for humans, as they best represent and provide adequate nutrients and do not otherwise harm the body.

Conventional multi-level farming systems are useful only for small plants like leafy vegetables or plants that have no deep roots, such as spinach or kale. It is not suitable for plants having a height of more than 4 feet especially fruits like orange, apple, grapevine, etc. Considering how all of the vertical farming is done indoors with lights, the natural growth of a plant is not possible in this type of multi-level farming. Chemicals have to be used excessively to support plants. Moreover, Greenhouse gas through energy consumption is also a problem in such kinds of farming. The problem of water shortage and wastage, issues related to land or space, all types of environmental issues are persisting despite trials in aquaponics or vertical marking. The cost incurring to support multi-level farming is very high compared to the yield. It does not support any simultaneous farming like fish, chicken, duck farm, or dairy.

Havilah Bharat has designed a system of an open vertical multilevel farming system which results in even lower water consumption compared to other irrigation methods. This particular method is especially useful in arid and desert areas. The indiscriminate overuse of water, as is seen as an overwhelming trade practice, is extremely detrimental to the health of a plant and this method addresses this issue as well. This system may be scaled up to feed a large number of people with minimum land usage. The open vertical farming system is a metal tower with multiple layers, each has a floor of wood chips, husks, other matters to provide a grasping ground for the plant and provide the necessary nutrients through the root system. It contains wood chip compost with mixed colloidal minerals compost which looks like old black soil.

The nutrient-rich soiling will eventually attract a large number of insects which may be used as food for the poultry, as the chicken will feed and excrete, nutrient-rich fertilizers are also produced. Excess leaves of the plants will be used to feed other milch such as goats or sheep. The ground area will be utilized for orchards where trees may be grown, too heavy to be planted on vertical farming. This allows the large area to be used for animal husbandry and poultry farm, where free-range healthy milch and poultry can be produced, with minimum intervention as the natural diet of the farm results in healthy animals. The structure has the provision for an effective automated weather control system.

Website- http://www.havilahbharat.com/

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