Healthcare Tips for Monsoon


The summer monsoon or rainy season arrives in India from June-September, which affects the whole of India. After the tormenting heat and humidity of summer, rain comes as an escape and refreshes our body and mind. But with all the pros it has, it comes with a few cons as well. As much as we as humans enjoy the rain and step out of our houses to get drenched in the natural shower, so do all the animals, bacteria, reptiles, and viruses, which eventually leads to several micro-borne diseases and infections. It’s also important to take care of one’s health while enjoying the season because it will all go into the drain if you and your loved ones are not healthy.

Basic Health Tips-

  • Water is most likely to get contaminated during rainy seasons, intake of which will lead to stomach infections.

Solution: Have a water filter at your home. Try carrying your water bottle when traveling, and don’t drink unfiltered water. You can also boil water if you don’t have a filter at home.

  • Avoid eating junk food during monsoons, it may carry contagious viruses, that will lead to problems like acidity and indigestion and diseases like typhoid, and cholera.

Solution:  At best don’t eat street food for those few months, if you do, keep in mind the hygiene of the vegetables or ingredients being used.

  • During monsoon, waterlogging-borne mosquitos, and insects increase rapidly, whose bites can cause diseases like malaria, dengue, etc.

Solution: Use insect repellent, and close all the doors, especially in the evening times. If closed doors cause humidity or suffocation, use doors with a net.

  • Increase the intake of Vitamin C in your diet, because monsoon season brings with it a lot of bacteria and viruses, which lead to viral fevers, and the best day to deal with it is to increase one’s immunity.

Solution: Eat green vegetables, Citrus Fruits, and sprouts.

  • Always wash vegetables and fruits properly before eating them, but during monsoon, one has to take special care of washing vegetables and fruits. The season can bring bacteria and viruses through air or water.

Solution: Wash your vegetables and fruits twice or thrice, while properly rubbing off their skins. Boil vegetables that can be boiled before eating.

  • Properly iron your clothes before wearing them. It might seem like your clothes are dry, but the rainy season leaves a little dampness on clothes, and wearing them non-ironed can lead to fungal infections and cold.

Solutions: Iron them mandatorily. You should also take out your washed clothes in the sun whenever the weather clears away.

  • Take proper sleep, now this might seem like a general healthcare tip, which is true. But during monsoons, due to cold weather and the presence of numerous viruses in the atmosphere, our bodies feel heavy and drowsy.

Solution: Sleep at the proper time at night and also take breaks in between your work during noon hours to take a power nap and wake up active and fresh.

  • Take precautions when stepping out of the house in rain. Getting drenched in rain is a joyous activity, which almost everyone enjoys, but having this experience often can lead to cold, fever, and heavy head.

Solution: Use an umbrella or raincoats, and wear rain boots to avoid wet shoes. Dry your hair properly when you reach your destination.

Monsoon does make us joyous, happy, and cozy, but it also brings with it several diseases which can become serious suffering to us. So always keep your health first and take all the necessary precautions regarding hygiene to save yourself from this vulnerable weather.  

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