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” Healthy Nudgez is a unique concept, which does not talk about a thin body, a body with size zero but a fit body.”

The concept of nudge is not new, its use dates back to civilization itself. We use it intentionally or unintentionally in our daily lives to shape people’s behavioral decisions so that they make the right decisions. You can respond to this flip in several ways, from a gentle flip or flip from a colleague or friend to a friendly reprimand from an elder or trainer.

Physical, psychological, and social well-being is the basis for a healthy life. But, in today’s fast-paced and competitive life it is very difficult to find a balance between body, soul, and spirit. This persistent imbalance is the main reason for the sudden increase in lifestyle diseases in India.

The ideology of Healthy Nudgez

Health Nudgez is a unique concept that does not speak of a lean body, but of a solid body. This site is maintained by experienced and experienced experts in the subjects they cover. Our team consists of nutritionists, nutritionists, yoga experts, psychologists, and doctors. They are always ready to solve all of your health problems.

At Healthy Nudgez, we believe a little pressure is enough to restore balance. We offer you a 360-degree view of your health and are constantly striving to meet your health expectations.


The main purpose of guidance and counseling in the field of therapeutic and preventive aspects of nutrition is to create awareness and educate people to make healthy life choices for a better life in order to find a balance between body, mind, and spirit.

The Founder

Mrs. Sunita Roy Chowdhury is a highly experienced nutritionist and dietician with experience of over 30 years. She was passionate about patient care by assisting people in making the right choices for a healthy life. It was her interest that drove towards intense research and hard work in creating a new healthcare model.


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Body, Mind, Soul

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