Our Vision

The prime motto being “Committed to Produce Quality Herbal/Ayurvedic Formulations”, Herbage Herbals will always strive to produce the best quality products at an affordable cost and offer prompt service for around development of natural products over the globe.

We are not leaving a single stone unturned for making the perfect blend of the most advanced manufacturing infrastructure & truly dedicated research. This helps us present the natural treatment in an ultra-modern form to serve the well being of humanity with outstanding results that too without exposing other systems of the body towards unwanted effects.

Our Mission

Striving for Global wellness through herbal beauty care products. Reach worldwide markets. Translate the rich heritage of India into modern world-class beauty care & Personal care products. Ensure sustained satisfaction to all our customers, employees and stakeholders. The journey is not so easy, we have to burn much midnight oil for our existence, in a small city in Bhubaneswar people could not believe manufacturing is possible even bankers, primarily they all laughed at us but view changes.

Really it’s challenging to run cosmetics manufacturing in Odisha, non-availability of raw materials, packaging materials, absence of industrial work culture, lack of skilled labours, banker’s conservative attitude, exasperated behavior of govt. agency, poor consumerism list is long, in spite of that, we are continuing because of affinity towards our state, trying to establish a good industrious culture in my own land.

To win customer’s trust and loyalty, you need to work hard to implement a customer-centric working philosophy so as to enable them to succeed in their quest of achieving good quality products and attain their well being, in the last 17 years of our journey we never found a single complaint on our products in economic product range it’s a great challenge and we have achieved it.

Beauty industries of our stature are under tremendous compulsion to produce good and effective products to survive with huge competition from the multinational.

We are keen to up to date in our manufacturing technology and processes, we attend international seminars, know the active ingredients produced by different companies worldwide, formulation developments on a regular basis keeping customers need into account.

We are the pioneers in formulating and promoting herbal products in the key beauty care segments with a definite rationale behind them. Our dynamic strategies have enabled us to promote our products in modern beauty language with dynamic strategies. This has resulted in a significant demand for our products in the domestic market in the short duration.

According to research done out of the University of the Basque Country, people primarily buy cosmetic products for emotional reasons. The study showed that both the utility and emotional effect of a product had an impact on consumer satisfaction, but it showed that the emotional piece was just much greater.

The global beauty industry (comprising skincare, colour cosmetics, hair care, fragrances, and personal care) has been shocked by the COVID-19 crisis. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there is little debate when it comes to the long-term attractiveness of the global beauty industry. Not only has it grown steadily, but it has also created generations of loyal consumers. During the 2008 financial crisis, spending in the industry only fell slightly and fully bounced back by 2010, so we are hopeful things would change.

A marketing strategy is a series of steps or actions taken by a business to increase sales grow a brand or feature the value of the product, known as a value proposition. A marketing strategy appeals to the customer and aims to make them want to learn more about the business or its products.

Our model is :

  • Awareness : The act of creating attention for the brand or service through various mediums
  • Interest : The step of generating interest to encourage buyers to want to know more
  • Desire : Creating an emotional connection to the buyer so they want the product or like the brand
  • Action : The step when the buyer picks up a brochure, calls to learn more or makes a purchase
  • Retention : Once someone becomes a customer, the business turns its focus to satisfy the customer so they return and perhaps refer the company to friends and family.

We are concentrated in the eastern part of India. We are working to have a global presence very soon, dreaming high! The sky is the limit, expecting HERBAGE HERBAL to be an export-oriented company and a world leader in the personal care industry; we believe “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. We always give thrust on our strength, passion, patience and we are hopeful the future belongs to us.

  • We have received Special chem. The award, Udyog Ratan and so many awards locally.

Dibya Ranjan Dash, Founder and CEO, a self-motivated entrepreneur, postgraduate in Physics from Ravenshaw College & higher education in cosmetics technology, published more than 100 articles on beauty and personal care.

Year of Founding:2004
Company strength 35
Office Locations:Delhi
Company Strength:25 including freelancers.
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company
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