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They are a team of agile innovators, thinkers, observers, and brainstormers, and provide the best and globally driven healthcare solutions.

  • Tell us about your company.

Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting Private Limited is a renowned and acclaimed Global Healthcare Consultancy firm, based out of Mumbai, embracing its footprints in Healthcare Industry since 2006. Building 16+ years of trust and transparency Hospaccx has currently established itself as the market leader in providing budgeted Healthcare business solutions to its Clients, with operations in India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the SAARC countries. Hospaccx is the foremost healthcare consulting firms that serve clients with its par excellence and expertise. The journey has been rewarding so far, with successful completion of 650+ national and international Healthcare assignments.

Hospaccx provides end-to-end turnkey Healthcare Consultancy services which makes us a one stop solution for the business.  We offer wide array of services ranging from Architecture Planning and designing to Commissioning Assistance of the Healthcare setups, from Marketing to running the Operations and Management of the Hospitals, from Financial Management to the entire Project Management in the healthcare domain. We believe in patient centered outcomes by accelerating the process leveraging innovation and futuristic technology. We keep Quality and Integrity as our foremost benchmark and we have been awarded multiple ISO certifications assuring the Quality of services that we render. Certainly, we deliver Results and we feel the sky isn’t the limit, and we still have a long way to plod along.

  • How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?

My responsibilities are immensely driven by the virtues that advocates for a Leader than a Manager. It is rightly said that Leaders that inspire and motivate their team, solicit results. While it is fundamental for a leader to set standards, motivate the team, monitor progress and review performance, it is equally important to build a sense of discipline and offer sufficient resources and autonomy taking into account the interests of all the team members and being accountable parallely. When your team understand the vision and goals, they are more focused in driving success. I as a Leader have always striven hard to align their vision and foster a culture of teamwork at Hospaccx by inculcating the perception of oneness. I built a team where we provide an equity in our work culture, avoid discrimination on any grounds, compensate and celebrate team Performance instead of Individual felicitation. We also encourage team building activities routinely to build a sense of collaboration rather than competition. We provide an environment of Open Communication that not only provides transparency but also addresses employee concerns at par. I win as a leader every day when I work with my team that holds my strength and that’s what sets me apart from other leaders in the same arena.

  • What made you choose to start a company in the Healthcare field?

Let us peep into my identity as an individual rooted from Indore, belonged to a suburban middle-class family who grew up in pretty modest environment is now an exemplary and diligent Entrepreneur in Healthcare Consulting arena. I felt my niche was always Healthcare, and being a budding aspirant in the field back then, I was immensely driven by TATA group well known for charity purposes who had unmatched legacy of inclination towards Healthcare & Education. Inspired by their efforts I envisaged to provide Budgeted Healthcare business solutions to Healthcare setups in the Country. In 2006 I became vocal about my vision and embarked upon the Journey of Hospaccx. Today Hospaccx Healthcare Business Consulting Pvt Ltd is one of the leading and acclaimed Global Healthcare Consultancy firm based out of Mumbai and we are India’s most preferred and awarded Healthcare Consultancy firm. We provide trunkey Healthcare Consultancy services that provides end to end business solutions to the Healthcare setups at one roof. We have successfully completed more than 650+ National & International Assignments and we are yet to reach the zenith.

  • Why should one prefer you?

Hospaccx is pioneer in providing Patient centric effective Healthcare Solutions to the businesses in the sector leveraging digital space and futuristic technology. Our constant commitment of delivering the Patient Centric Healthcare solution at the right time addressing the need of the hour is not readily available in the Market. Moreover, we are one stop solution providing trunkey Healthcare Consultancy services. We keep Quality and Integrity as our foremost benchmark and have been awarded multiple ISO certifications assuring the Quality of services that we render. In addition to that we believe that Trust and Transparency are the key factors for building strong and healthy relationship with the Clients. Right from its genesis Hospaccx is cognizant of the need of the Clients and has always been proactive and mindful of the commitments that builds trust and confidence. We create an environment where we deliver what we promise that provides a room for our Clients to get reacquainted with us in future. We also focus on Client engagement behavior such as positive interactions post-delivery of Projects, Social media outreach etc that not only helps in retention but enhances the advocacy of our services and reinforcing their faith.

  • What kind of challenges & opportunities do you see in this field of work?

COVID – 19 Pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges and exposed the nuts & bolts of Healthcare Industry. A robust and resilient Healthcare system is the need of the hour to deal with the current challenges. Technological advancements and big data pool is no longer in a state of infancy and demands the Healthcare service providers to grapple with the changes. Muddling with the changes around the business solutions needs to be more effective these days outperforming the challenges. As Hospitals lack requisite knowledge and skills they are still awaiting this implementation.

Secondly increasing cost of Healthcare services and Financial Constraints due to lack of proper Operations & management are the major challenges in the segment today. Many Hospitals that outsource the O & M services go out of business due to incapacitation. Healthcare is going through a cost crisis which is going to impact the stakeholders in long run. Limited funding and budgetary constraints in the Hospitals, coupled with diminishing payments and reimbursements, rising Healthcare costs leading to less preventive and routine checkups and monitoring.

Another major challenge is the need for better Patient experience. With the advancement in Healthcare Industry Patients too have heightened their prospects and expect the delivery of Best services from Healthcare service providers that is hassle free and saves time. From booking appointments to getting Records, from hospitalization to paying Medical bills, Telehealth, and Telemedicine, Patients expect a single click for the entire process.

To prevail over, Hospaccx enables this transition into digitalization easier for the Healthcare setups, that provides robust and customizable IT data infrastructure to changing and unique needs and also covers an extra mile in providing training and inclusive engagement of your workforce towards Cost optimization and taking smart financial decisions.

  • What challenges did you face while establishing “Hospaccx”?

Embarking our journey, we had a pretty clear vision of delivering the best Healthcare solutions to our Clients at an affordable price and you know when you aim to reach greater heights you have to get accustomed to facing challenges and become resilient. So, when we grooved into the market we entered as bears to become the bull in the segment, realizing the fact that there were existing big players in the Healthcare Consulting segment who had already captured the 20% structured market targeting Corporate Hospitals, while we were eyeing for unstructured market like the Hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. So, the biggest challenge was gaining Client’s confidence to draw premium for Healthcare Consulting services for which the Market was unwilling to pay. Even we did aim to provide trunkey Healthcare Consultancy services at an affordable price but at the end of the day we struggled to build Clientele for our business during initial days.

  • How do you see the future of healthcare?

Pandemic has brought about substantial elusive changes in the way Healthcare is being perceived today. Now it has new dimensions amidst the ongoing transformation in the Healthcare Industry. This technology is now being utilized more than ever and is expected to grow exponentially due to increased outreach by Healthcare setups facing tough competition and imperative need of innovation in delivery of Healthcare services. The prospective growth is largely driven by digitalization, adoption of Analytics and Cloud services, impending Disease burden, increasing demand to reduce the costs of Healthcare. The current trend provides an impetus for Hospaccx due to its strong Clientele.

As we all are entering into the world of Metaverse, the future of Healthcare is also changing its values and technology at every offering. Leveraging Technology is the Key to survival in the digital age. Industry leaders are providing integrated IT solutions to the Healthcare Institutions to automate and streamline their processes and outcomes. The technology has enabled remote working and teleconferencing that has facilitated the delivery of the Projects in the shortest possible time. Certainly, future of healthcare Industry is deeply rooted by technology, AI which is embracing the entrepreneurial system.

  • What unique services do you provide to the customers?

We are pioneer in providing Patient centric effective Healthcare business solutions to all the Healthcare setups leveraging digital space and technology majorly eyeing at the unstructured Market like Hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 Cities unlike other Consulting firms that target major Corporate Hospitals. Our USP is that we provide trunkey solutions for all the Healthcare facilities at one roof which is delivered at an affordable premium and is not readily available in the Market. From Architecture Planning and designing to Commissioning Assistance of the Healthcare setups, from Marketing to running the Operations and Management of the Hospitals, from Financial Management to the entire Project Management in the healthcare domain, we provide end to end Consultancy services as required. We are cognizant of our commitment in delivering the Patient Centric Healthcare solution at the right time addressing the need of the hour by creating a professional yet mutually transparent environment which is acceptable to our end users and provides a scope to accomplish the tasks together keeping the pillars of Quality and Integrity intact. Listing our accolades, we have been awarded multiple ISO certifications assuring the Quality of services that we render.

  • What are your Company goals and vision?

Since our Inception, our mission has been to build an excellent Healthcare Infrastructure which is affordable and sustainable in India, Africa, GCC, & SAARC countries with futuristic approach and reliability. As technology continues to evolve, our commitment will always be the same, to provide Healthcare solutions that are affordable and scalable. The World is changing all around us and to continue to thrive as a business in the next 10 years we have birds eye view to move around the sphere swiftly and develop our Portfolio as Market Leader in Healthcare Architecture Projects universally. We aspire to position Hospaccx globally at a level where it reflects Quality and Affordability as its metrics. We have already registered Hospaccx at US in 2019 and are on our way to have a touch base at Dubai and other countries.

  • We would like to know about the success stories.

The footprints of the business can be traced way back in the year 2006 when Dr Tarun Katiyar, a boy from suburban middle class family paved his way towards achieving his dream to provide budgeted Healthcare business solutions in the Country at an affordable price. He envisioned to develop a Global Healthcare ecosystem that delivers tailor-made Healthcare solutions through right processes and protocols and to provide a dimension in the Healthcare Consulting arena. Building years of trust and gaining momentum, by 2014 Hospaccx was deeply rooted in the Market and grooved as the Industry leader marking its presence pan India, Africa, UAE and SAARC Countries carving its niche. From a dot till date, we have completed 650+ National and International Healthcare assignments. We have also successfully delivered over 80,00,000 sq ft of elite Projects with due diligence. Hospaccx has plod along and has been acclaimed as one of the Best Healthcare Consultancy firms in India two times in a row in 2015 and 2016 and has been recognized among the top 3 Healthcare Consulting firms in India. For our exemplary contribution in the Pandemic we were even felicitated with Fight Against Covid 2020 Award.

Our saga of success is very well enlisted in our milestones: –

  • Inception: 2006
  • Set Presence in Mumbai: 2010
  • Global Fly: 2011
  • Set presence in Bangalore: 2012
  • Awarded Young Healthcare Entrepreneur Award in 2014
  • Achieved Milestone as India’s Best Healthcare Consultancy Firm: 2015
  • Awarded as Best Healthcare Consultancy Firm in Maharashtra: 2016
  • Goa Healthcare Awards: 2016
  • Top Healthcare Leaders: 2018
  • Started Operations & Management Vertical: 2018
  • Top 10 Healthcare Influencers in 2019
  • Started Pharma and Medical Devices Consulting: 2019
  • Fight against COVID: 2020
  • New beginning with USA Office: 2019
  • 20 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants 2019
  • Fight against COVID: 2020
  • 10 Most Promising Healthcare Consultants 2022

 We believe in bringing change and transforming healthcare for a better tomorrow.

Year of Founding: 2006
Founder-Director: Dr. Tarun Katiyar
Office Locations: Mumbai, US,

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