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Road safety is a concern to watch out for. As India is increasing its road connectivity risk factor for pedestrians, cyclists and small children is rising. India has recorded massive economic growth which has resulted high demand for purchase of new vehicles which are equipping India roads in high number.

Many articles and studies have found that adults still have some sort of fear while walking on footpath or crossing streets. A recently published burden-of-disease study reported that RTAs (Road Traffic Accidents) are in the top 15 accounting for the most Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs). It contributed 3.3% of DALYs at all ages and from Years of Life Lost (YLLs), i.e., due to mortality (1). India had an increase in the number of deaths due to road injuries of 58.7% between 1990 and 2017. Similarly, the proportion of deaths due to road injuries among all deaths in India increased from 1.7% in 1990 to 2.2% in 2017 (2). Thus, India had 17.6% of the total global deaths due to road injuries in 2017.

I’ve studied and had conversation with multiple individuals; they have described the fear of crossing busy streets mainly the females still have some sort of fear. Even, adult males have shared their childhood experience of crossing streets. HumanQind is addressing this psychological cause in small children mainly aged 5 – 14.

What is HumanQind?

HumanQind is a social design enterprise harnessing kindness to build safe, equitable and compassionate cities.

They have a mission to mainstream the needs of children as equals and build trust, safety and a shared purpose in communities for lasting impact and happiness.

HumanQind is had studied the Indian roads and need for reshaping them as safe for childrens. There are number of accidental cases of kids & small children while walking through a street or crossing on a busy road. HumanQind is helping communities and governing authorities work towards a safer and kids friendly roads.

What they exactly do?

HumanQind foundation states that they “reimagine community with creativity, collaboration & compassion”. They are educating kids on road safety and how to reduce fear on streets. Foundation thinks “for a child, education is not limited to the boundaries of school but includes the first-last mile traversed”.

Their current program CROSSWALK facilitates creation of a safe, democratized access to schools with children, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, income, gender or disability. The curriculum comprises of nine design thinking workshops integrated with tools such as observational thinking, arts, storytelling, and social emotional learning and introduces children to principles of sustainable city design, child rights and Sustainable Development Goals.

Company size:2-10 employees

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