HUMANQIND: A Non Profit Design Foundation


We have realized a QUANTUM GATE based on Ion-Trap and Harmonic Oscillator with the help of Matching generator for the development of Quantum computer.
Also, we have Pioneered the potential QUANTUM SCHRODINGER CHANNEL with the classical sources for the secured communication at ATOMIC scale.

It has become imperative both for government and industries to be prepared to develop these emerging and disruptive technologies in order to secure our communications, financial transactions, remain competitive, drive societal progress, generate employment, foster economic growth and to improve the overall quality of life.

The Mission will be able to address the ever increasing technological requirements of the society and take into account the international technology trends and road maps of leading countries for the development of next-generation technologies.

Implementation of the mission would help develop and bring quantum computers, secured communications through fibre and free space. We Develop strong relationships with sponsors to enhance the ability to perform research in a global community and also to support strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research. The core disciplinary strengths within our centres provide the intellectual foundation for multi and inter-disciplinary research that distinguishes our work.

We have brought together exceptional minds from around the world to build something extraordinary and help to address Sustainable, Enduring and Scalable India specific national and regional issues. The generators of this evolution are the interaction picture Hamiltonian between the quantum electromagnetic field and the ion.

By approximate controlling the quantum electromagnetic field from the laser, we can approximately realize very large-sized quantum gates line the quantum Fourier transform gate which is designing blocks of a quantum computer. The prime factorization quantum algorithm has important implications for security as it can be used to break RSA encryption, a popular method for secure communication. QRACE incubators are preparing for a deep dive into the QLAND(Quantum Land), that is, innovating and creating Noble Ideas with Global Thinkers for developing disruptive technologies for computing, communication, cryptography and many more applications.


QUANTUM RESEARCH AND CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE (QRACE) is a Research Aggregator, creating an Entangled Environment in the presence of BATH States (Environmental Disruption activities), which deals with the technological advancement for the societal applications.

We have created a unique platform to connect with De-centralised Researchers and Non- Researchers communities. QRACE has been more concerned and focussed on the utilisation of Quantum technology in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Rural Development, Energy, Cryptography, and Blockchain. Quantum technologies are rapidly developing globally with huge disruptive potential.

The next-generation transformative technologies that will receive a push under our endeavours comprise Quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum key distribution, Cryptography, quantum cooling devices, quantum sensing, quantum materials, quantum clock and so on. It will create an entangled environment of support for noble thinkers, contributing to innovative developments along with renowned scientists who are dedicated to research and provide researchers with the best resources available.

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