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IceBerg Organic Ice Creams:

Iceberg Ice Creams began with a dream to provide a rainbow of flavours to the common man’s heart. Iceberg, with its milk-cream richness and natural flavours, is a daily delight for those who persevere. The BMK Group launched the brand in 2012 with the intention of bringing a variety of pan and mist recipes to customers, and it is the first to introduce Dragon’s Breath desserts in India. The brand encapsulates the modern world’s flavour and feel. It’s flavorful, wholesome, and nutritious, and it’s designed with a healthy lifestyle in mind.

Iceberg Ice Creams is a firm believer in using organic, ethical, and sustainably sourced ingredients. Iceberg is India’s first brand to offer organic ice cream. To assure sanitation, safety, and purity, carefully grown organic components and rigorously examined manufacturing procedures are used. Iceberg stays true to its aim and vision of making authentic ice creams that deliver delight and memories while also providing nutritional benefits from milk and butter.

What is organic ice cream?

Organic ice cream meets a number of stipulations in order to be properly deemed “organic.” The butter and milk must come from cows that graze on highly nutritious and organic super Napier grass with no use of antibiotics at any point of time and the other ingredients are mostly organic as well, whether it’s organic vanilla bean, organic coffee, or organic sugar cane. Even the stabilizers and emulsifiers, which help ice cream stay smooth and creamy, can come from organic sources, so it’s not uncommon to see organic guar gum and Badam pisin in making our ice creams. You can absolutely taste the difference when you choose organic. Organic milk and butter offers a rich, creamy taste, which translates wonderfully to ice cream. Better yet, we believe that everyone should be able to afford organic, so we’ve worked hard to craft a product that is both high quality and affordable. Of course, all sweet treats should be enjoyed in moderation, but knowing that your ice cream comes from quality sources and lists ingredients you can recognize and trust makes the experience much sweeter.

Ice Creams and Frozen Desserts Market Opportunities in India

One of the fastest expanding segments of the dairy or food processing business in India is ice cream.

In India, youth under the age of 26 make up 53% of the population, making them the most important demographic for the ice cream and frozen dessert industries.

From 2019 to 2022, India’s ice cream market is predicted to increase by more than 50% in terms of overall value.

In 2016, the Indian ice cream sector generated more than USD 1.5 billion in revenue, with revenue expected to reach USD 3.4 billion by 2021.

While the global ice cream market is predicted to develop at a CAGR of 4.7 percent by 2020, India’s ice cream industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% by 2022.

Iceberg was founded in 2012 by the BMK group with the goal of providing a comprehensive selection of ice creams, frozen desserts, and smoothies. The brand is well-known and associated with quality, flavour, and innovation, with 22 happy stores and a presence in seven states.

The novelty of being the first to introduce its iconic Dragon’s Breath dessert to India has cemented the brand’s existence in the minds of consumers. They have an unusual blend of pan and mist recipes for customers to delight in, with a vibrant atmosphere that adds to the occasion. They are known for establishing and maintaining a fine balance between taste and nutrition.

Every hand-pulled scoop at Iceberg focuses on top quality products with the richness of milk cream and natural flavours. Their toppings are a big draw, and many satisfied customers keep coming back for more.

Join India’s Best Ice Cream Franchise.

Have you considered taking advantage of the latest Ice Cream franchise chances in India? South India experiences a tropical climate throughout the year, with summer being the country’s longest season. As a result, ice cream food enterprises appear to be the most profitable. It is undeniably true that ice cream has the ability to bring a grin to everyone’s face. Ice cream is always a winner, and Iceberg Ice Creams make it even simpler. If you want to open an ice cream franchise in India where customers can enjoy the best taste Real Milk Icecream Brand at their leisure, For Natural Ice Cream Franchises, Organic Ice Cream Franchises, and Natural Real Milk Ice Cream Brands, the Iceberg Ice Cream Franchise is the ideal option.

Ceberg Icecreams brings you the most recent healthy and organic ice cream option. Iceberg Icecreams has a great array of natural flavours to pick from thanks to a 40-year adventure. Each flavour is created using only natural and organic components.

Handpicked juicy Jackfruits from the legendary city of Panruti, creamy Sitaphal grown in Telangana’s organic farms, and many more are available. Iceberg Icecreams offers a wide variety of flavours.

1. Bean Vanilla: This classic ice cream is produced with pure vanilla extract made from only natural vanilla beans, water, and non-alcoholic spirits sourced from organic Madagascar farms. There are no colourants, preservatives, or other additions in the flavouring.

2. Butterscotch: Organic brown sugar is caramelised with organic butter and corn syrup to make butterscotch nuts. The flavour is butter and sugar wrapped in corn starch, much like real candy.

3. Vanilla Caramel Brownie: Organic chocolate, raw sugar, organic butter, and dried fruits go into these brownies. Caramel sauce is produced with organic brown sugar that has been caramelised.

4. Caramel Nuts: This flavour is made up of caramelised organic dried fruits and organic brown sugar.

5. Almond Crunch: This crunchy, mouth-watering almondy almond is made from Californian certified organic almonds.

6. Chocolate Chips: Cocoa comes from Africa, as do blocks of organic cocoa, chocolate chips, and even the chocolaty flavour!!

7. Belgium Dark Chocolate: When we say dark, we’re referring to Belgian chocolate. They searched the fields for the best organic cocoa and discovered organic dark chocolate.

8. Red Velvet: The cakes are made in their kitchen using 99.3% organic components and blended with vanilla ice cream to create this delectable flavour.

9. Tender Coconut: It is the purest of all foods by nature. There is no such thing as organic coconut because the trees have been providing us with the benefits of nature for decades. They use delicate coconut in its natural state.

10. Black Currant: For the real dark berry flavour and earthy undertones, true black currants are sourced from the Himalayan area.

11. Sitaphal: Sitaphals are grown in Telangana’s organic farms using only jeevamrutham fertilisers in custom farms.

12. Jackfruit: The mature jackfruits are hand-picked from Panruti’s fields. To ripen the fruits, no chemicals are utilised. It’s all natural and organic.

13. Milk Mango: The mangoes are the most popular component, and they are grown in their own farms with only jeevamrutham as a fertiliser, and the fruit is ripened in a dark place covered with rice straws.

14. Nutty Vanilla-Sugarless: Deliciously nutritious This wonderful dry fruit flavoured ice cream with Organic Sugarfree is made with dry fruits steeped in organic milk with Vanilla and coarsed.

Company NameIceberg Organic Icecreams
Founding Year2012
IndustryFood & Beverages
HeadquarterBengaluru East, Karnataka
SpecialitiesDragon Breath Icecream, Pan Icecreams, Mist Icecreams , Coldstone recipes, Thick Shakes , Freak Shakes, Golden Frenzy, Coco coal(Charcoal), and Fruit Flavors  

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