India is one of the most attractive places in the world to invest in retail. The world’s second-largest population, large middle-class population, expanding urbanisation, rising family incomes, connected rural customers, and increased consumer spending is just some of the factors that make India so appealing. By 2026, India’s retail industry is anticipated to grow to 1.7 trillion dollars, up from 950 billion dollars in 2018. In 2018, retail generated 40% of total consumption in the country. India’s retail market is generally unorganised, accounting for 88 per cent of the country’s overall retail market. The organised retail industry is presently worth $60 billion, with the unorganised market accounting for the remainder. By 2021, the organised retail market’s share is expected to rise to 22-25 per cent, bringing the unorganised retail market’s share down to 77 per cent. As a result, the organised retail industry has the potential to grow.

In India, total retail employment, both organised and unorganised, accounts for 6% of the total labour force, most of which is unorganized as mentioned before. This is less than half of what it is in other emerging markets and about 1/3rd of what it is in the US and Europe. In India, total development of the retail sector to levels and productivity compared to those of other developing and industrialised countries, such as the United States, would result in the creation of more than 50 million jobs. It is predicted to be difficult to train and develop labour and management to boost retail productivity.

Company Overview

Ideas 4 transformation (I4T) is a company that provides wonderful business solutions to a wide range of retail stores, shopping complexes and warehouses. All firms faced a downfall when the 2020 lockdown was declared for containment of COVID-19. Hence, 2020 was a bumpy ride especially since the movement of people and goods was restricted. The lockdown produced unavoidable hurdles in growth pathways, particularly in the retail sector. As the unlocking process began, several retail establishments reopened and resumed their fight for existence.

These retail establishments needed a helping hand for the effortless resurrection which was provided by companies like I4T.

The need for transformation

Technology is a dynamic entity that stays committed to the changing demands of its users. This technological revolution has been inculcated by various major and small businesses, shopping malls, and warehouses. To stay relevant in the market companies are remodelling their operations to keep up with the trends. Ideas 4 Transformation, a contemporary platform assists businesses with advanced technology solutions to transform their operations, increase productivity, adjust to the changing norms, and provide a boost to their growth. Ideas 4 transformation was founded in 2016 and are a leading provider of best-in-class technology-led business consulting services such as clever retail management, management of large-scale shopping complexes, track & trace, mobility solutions, and IT management services. With its leadership position in the techno-led business consulting area, i4T controls the industry. Their only goal is to deliver unique goods and services that are distinctive. Using technological advances and analytics models, i4T provides solutions, products, and services for gathering, evaluating, and transforming business demands.

I4T cultivated a relevant partner ecosystem which greatly fuels the adaptability of its operations. I4T’s team of professionals is experienced in providing long-term retail solutions that are both high-quality and cost-effective. This ace team at i4T has produced many excellent projects in the previous four years, with expertise in everything from retail to QSR operations. A leadership team of seasoned experts with deep subject expertise, who have worked in customer-facing businesses and believe in delighting customers, supports the workforce.

Mr Rajesh Saboo, Founder and CEO

Mr Rajesh Saboo (Founder & CEO) is an outstanding and distinguished leader who has been affiliated with several reputed firms in the past such as, Aditya Birla Group, Raymond Limited, Ashok Piramal Group, Future Group and Wadia Group where he has been the driving force of success. He has over 33 years of experience in establishing and leading Techno-Functional IT operations, retail, enterprise IT infrastructure manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, business transformation and strategic corporate planning. He established I4T in 2015 and under his leadership, the company has established a reputation in the market as one of the most reliable businesses for retail consulting. During his affiliation with reputable company houses, he successfully supported senior management in establishing IT strategies, incorporating, and managing and driving start-up firms. He is known as an advocate for change with a track record of restructuring business processes and implementing business solutions in organisations on time and under budget. He is an expert in creating a scorecard for IT partners based on a variety of important factors and managing objective-driven partner relationships. He is the recipient of CIO&Leader Business Impact Awards 2015

Outstanding services

 Solutions for Smart Retail & Shopping Malls

 POS Systems Kiosk

 All-Inclusive Magic Mirror

 ADSR’s Mall Operations Management

 Footfall Management Solutions

 CCTV BI & B2B Mobile Apps for AI Video Analytics

Kitchen Trace & Track: Digital: Omni Channel Solutions for QSR & Cloud Kitchen Digital: Omni Channel Solutions for QSR & Cloud Kitchen Software, Infrastructure, and Services for Fixed Asset & Inventory Audits (RFID & Mobility)

Integrated Managed IT Services, Infrastructure for Retail Stores Solutions, Products & Services for capturing, analysing, and transforming company demands through technological breakthroughs and analytics models.

Industry Information Technology & Services
Company size 51-200 employees
Headquarters Thane, Maharashtra
Type Privately Held
Founded 2016
Sources and references https://theenterpriseworld.com and
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