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A trained Career Counsellor with Certifications from Univariety and University of California Los Angeles Extension, Mamta is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College and holds a Masters degree in History and M.Phil from the Delhi University.

With more than 25 years of experience in the education sector, she has successfully mentored students and guided them through the college application process to get admission into their dream college.

She has also worked as an Expert Guidance Counsellor with Higher Edge Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a Canadian Company that is a global and authorized representative of Canadian Universities.

Being skilled in Career Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching, she has now launched her own company with the aim of providing students with unbiased guidance and support in helping them understand themselves and navigate through the various options available, to choose the study path that is right for them.

How it works

Individual Counselling

Interactive Webinars

For students of Grades VIII, IX & X:

Curriculum Evaluation

Personality Assessment & Stream Match

The road ahead – Career Options for you

For students of Grades XI & XII:

Personality Assessment & College Major Match

The Next Step – Career Options for you!

Course & College Search in India & Abroad

Getting Application Ready

Getting College Ready

Virtual Internships

For students of Grades IX & X:

Deep Dive into Subjects – To understand the scope of the subject as it is taught in Grade XI-XII and the different career possibilities emerging from the study of that subject.

For students of Grades XI & XII:

Career Leap – To understand the Career Opportunities, Job Prospects & Top Institutions to pursue different subjects post high school.

Awakening your Ikigai – To achieve your career well-being with special focus on ways to enrich your knowledge, attitude, skills & habits.

Know yourself to know your purpose.

To continue my story*,

the 3 months that followed my decision to quit my job were spent winding up and handing over to the next. During this time, I also started thinking about what is it that I would like to do now. Some questions remained unsettled:

What was I passionate about?

What was my life’s purpose?

Had my work ever made a difference?

During my search for the answers I read a lot, talked to friends & family, thought hard, embraced a new philosophy and was getting close but the restlessness was still there. Soon, I realized that the need for finding my passion was becoming so overwhelming that it was actually taking the passion out of it. So I decided to pose the questions differently to myself:

When am I happiest?

Which tasks do I really enjoy doing, so much so, that I lose track of time when I am doing them?

Which tasks give me satisfaction; a sense of fulfilment?

What was it, which I was willing to do so much, that I could handle all the rough patches that came with it?

Do I have a gift that I am willing to share?

In my case when I played back a few situations, I realized that it was when I was working with students, guiding and counselling them on career decisions is when I felt most satisfied. Sharing my stories and experiences to mentor young children is what gave me a huge sense of fulfilment.

I realized that I loved interacting with people and could reach out to the children & parents alike. I discovered that I enjoyed writing.

Not a bad discovery for someone who felt life was losing its meaning!

Inspired by the Ikigai philosophy and the above revelations, I once again asked myself some pertinent questions:

 What was I passionate about?

 What was I good at?

 Did the world need it?

 Was the world prepared to pay me for it?

So, there I was. I had my answers!

Armed with my skills, self-confidence and a renewed sense of purpose, I was ready to take on the challenge.

This was my game plan but you need to think for yourself. Before you figure out your purpose you need to figure out who you are. Most people see themselves as who they think they are, based on how others see them. To know what you want in life or to know your purpose in life, you must first try to understand who you are.

But how do I do that?

Glad you asked!

Put yourself through a SWOT Analysis. Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses; look out for opportunities that you may have and the threats that could prevent you from exploiting those opportunities. This exercise will help you look beyond what you perceive are your limits. An awareness of self will take you closer to finding your path.

So, what you could do is:

 Introspect.

 Look out for signs.

 Talk.

 Seek Advice.

 Be Open.

Take decisions that answer to your inner self…now & years down the line.

Embrace the decision and be ready to evolve.

Website: https://www.ikigaicareers.com/

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