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10. Sandeep Singh, Managing Director- Brawn Globus- Top 10 Architecture & Interior Design Companies in 2022

We are an integrated company engaged in design, construction, and project management, which offers comprehensive services for businesses, retail, hospitality, institutional clients, and more. Our services range from architectural consulting and market management.

Since 2007

Our many years of experience give us the confidence and ability to face new challenges and explore innovation in the industry.

At Brawn Globus, we are passionate about creating sophisticated architectural designs and know that they are learning from the past and growing into the future. We have been developing our craft for more than 13 years and still welcome new ideas and advances in this industry. Brawn Globus, a pioneer in the architectural industry, challenges industrial ethics to provide clients with a perfect design experience. We are constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint and are adopting new practices and building standards that can help us achieve this goal.

How do they do it?

We work closely with our customers from start-up to delivery (and often beyond) to deliver solutions that capture each customer’s vision in place. They trust us. A multi-disciplinary team of professionals and thought professionals believe that it takes time, dedication, and dedication to ensure that difficult tasks are completed on time and within budget, while maintaining efficiency according to the highest modern standards.

With speed, the ability to perform well, the ability to provide critical insights to solve problems (we don’t shy away from responding), and the ability and knowledge to handle the toughest, Team Brawn Globus gives it their all.  A skill set for every job they do. Our idea is simple: we make it happen.


Delivering a large and complex project on schedule and within budget requires careful attention to detail at each stage of the project:

PLANNING: From sketch plans, 3D perspective drawings, cost plans and a comprehensive investment breakdown, we provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

PREPARATION: We provide compliance, approval and contract management. A project document with final construction drawings, plans and detailed furniture, scheme and completion plans and equipment is prepared.

CONSTRUCTION: We manage the project from start to finish, from floor plan to adaptation, with challenges that will inevitably arise. Strict due diligence ensures control and compliance with all details and requirements.

HANDOVER: We store and carry you by consignment, by post, where our inspection team performs further inspections, checks that everything is clear.

About CEO

Vikram Rao, a balanced, orderly and understanding decision-maker, is proficient in leading a group of pioneers to grow rapidly and is constantly changing the scope and success of Brawn Globus in today’s dynamic business environment. During his impressive eighteen years, he worked in corporate offices in Mumbai and abroad – in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates – and was significantly exposed to various work cultures and egalitarian values. It gave him a clear understanding of how to develop team spirit and work ethic. Not surprisingly, as CEO of Brawn Globus, Vikram has increased the company’s revenue by 70%, in addition to a 30% increase in human resources.

Vikram, an engineer with postgraduate management training at NICMAR, is responsive, alert, and well versed in the sector – from stakeholder expectations and cash flow management to teamwork, communication, coordination, and monitoring, all of which help him achieve consistently significant results.


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