In April, Mahindra sales increased by 25% to 45,640 units

4. In April, Mahindra sales increased by 25_ to 45,640 units

Mahindra &Mahindra (M&M) has increased its sale by 25% to 45,640 units in April. The total sale of a company in April 2021 was 36,437 units.

The passenger vehicle sale in the domestic market increased by 23% to 22,526 units against 18,285 in April last year, said the auto major. Commercial vehicles rose to 20,411 units in April as compared to 16,147 in April 2021. Also, the company has noticed its export is increased from 2005 units to 2703 units in 1 year.

We maintained our growth trajectory in the SUV market, selling 22,168 vehicles, representing a 22% increase. Our commercial vehicles saw growth across all areas, and exports increased by 35%, said Veejay Nakra, M&M President (Automotive Division). Demand is also increased with booking numbers and pipeline, he added.

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