India’s Low-cost Carriers Face a Slew of Fresh Challenges

's Low cost Carriers Face a Slew of Fresh Challenges

While the reason may sound plausible, it is not accurate. A significant number of crew are believed to have called in sick as part of a slow-motion action to reverse pay cuts announced at the start of the pandemic. Its impact was so profound that on July 2 and 3, 55 and 29 percent of the carrier’s flights were delayed. The airline has faced similar pilot action before. The airline partially cut its salaries earlier this month. But his work troubles were not over.

Its aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) in New Delhi and Hyderabad recently went on sick leave to protest against inadequate salaries. Taking a cue from their IndiGo counterparts, several AMTs at Go First have done the same.

What is wrong with the LCC segment? Shakti Lumba, former head of operations at IndiGo, attributes this to a cultural shift in Indian aviation with the advent of LCCs. “Because the new entrants were afraid of unionism, they ended up with construction contracts that emphasized the duties of the employees to the employer rather than the other way around.”

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