India’s two-wheeler market is going premium with a vengeance

India’s two-wheeler market is going premium

India’s two-wheeler market is leading the way in retaliation. Even though almost all of the automotive industry has been struggling with lazy sales for almost 4 years now, it seems that part of the luxury bikes and lifestyle have already stabilized.

Car manufacturers are sitting and taking a voice.

TVS of the home two-wheeled model that makes its headline mainly of smart passenger bikes like the Apache, unveiled what is known as India’s first ‘modern retro’ bike on Wednesday night. The bike is the first southern model to enter the advanced life stage.

The bike, which was first screened under the heading ‘Zeppelin’ at Delhi Auto Expo but was delayed due to Covid, is on sale this month and continues under the heading ‘Ronin’, a 225cc mannequin starting at Rs 1.49 lakh.

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