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The Need for Indyo Organic

Food security, nutritional quality, and safety are all different in different parts of the world. One of the key issues facing the near future is achieving these three objectives. To date, industrialized production methods have demonstrated severe limits, such as persistent pesticide residues in the food chain and water, and lower nutritional and flavor content due to low-cost intensive food production and/or processing. The following are the main points:

More dry matter and minerals (Fe, Mg) are found in organic plant products, as well as anti-oxidant micronutrients such as phenols and salicylic acid.

Data on carbohydrate, protein, and vitamin levels are weakly reported in organic animal products, while data on polyunsaturated fatty acids are insufficiently documented in organic animal products.

Pesticide residues are not found in 94–100% of organic foods.

Organic veggies have considerably fewer nitrates, and organic cereals have around half the amount of mycotoxins as conventional cereals.

As a result, organic farming systems have already demonstrated their ability to provide food of excellent quality.

INDYO ORGANIC was founded as a change agent with the firm belief that radical changes are required in society’s current social, economic, and political operations to make the environment, the earth, and all living entities on it sustainable through the plantation, agricultural developments, crop care, indigenous crop conservation, and recycling.

What is Indyo Organic?

INDYO ORGANIC is a grower and trader of organic grains, pulses, dried fruits, herbs & spices, and other agricultural goods derived from organic agriculture. Due to their extensive business network of 40 producers, they offer a diverse product selection with good quality and cheap rates. They have the opportunity to supply many agricultural items because they deal with all forms of supplying with their well-experienced workforce. Their organic products are audited at every stage of production by accredited certification organizations.

Vision & Values

Farmer’s Compensation Farmers are being educated about organic farming to lower production costs and get them out of debt by using their preparations. They also assist farmers by offering technologies for organic pest management, fertility management, and quality management.

Their goal is to become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality organic products. They are committed to implementing international management standards throughout their company and strive for excellence in whatever they do.

Their Exceptional Strategies

The following measures have helped INDYO Organic Foods attain a high degree of purity:

Management of Organic Agriculture

Conducting farmer training in organic agriculture and environmentally friendly cultivation to avoid any fertility and pest management issues. They conduct ongoing market research and keep a close eye on market trends. At Indyo Organic Foods, food cleanliness and safety are top priorities. To assure the safety of all their products, they work closely with and under the supervision of local environmental health officers.

Management of the Supply Chain

Supply chain length reduction to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve shelf life. Their quick and dependable shipping service ensures that merchandise is turned around quickly. During delivery, the packaging is done according to the scientific, chemical, and physical properties of packing materials appropriate for certain scenarios to ensure product quality is not compromised.

Management of the shelf life

To minimize high moisture, infestation, and microbial contamination, the spice is stored in precise settings and examined regularly.

Controlling the process

Strong magnets are employed at every level of the processing to ensure that any metal is entirely removed before final packaging; the material is only checked in a certified laboratory at the source before processing. Spices and herbs that are allergen-free and under strict monitoring. Before being supplied, all raw materials are subjected to microbiological lab testing by our quality standards.

Management of Traceability

They have a well-managed documentation structure in place, with field to fork documentation kept up to date to ensure complete backtracing.

Shailender Tripathi, Co-Founder

He is a goal-oriented sales and marketing expert with over ten years of experience in key account management, distributor/channel management, sales promotion, and team management.

With extensive experience in discovering and creating new channel partners, CNF, Distributors, speeding growth, and reaching desired sales goals, he has expertise in continually increasing sales and profitability for the company. He has played a key role in the implementation of marketing/sales promotion initiatives for business growth.

He is skilled at establishing employee welfare policies with a particular focus on increasing employee engagement, as well as discovering and expanding new markets, dealers, accelerating growth, and meeting sales targets.

He specializes in leading, training, and monitoring team members’ performance to guarantee sales operations are efficient and targets are met.

He is a strong communicator with exceptional interpersonal and relationship-building abilities.

Industry Health, Wellness & Fitness
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Type Privately Held
Founded 2020

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