Influx One Workforce Private Limited

1. PANDIAN SUBRAMANIAM CEO Influx One Workforce Private Limited

How was your life before commencing Influx one Workforce?

I am an HRM professional with 28 years of extensive experience in HRM. Broadly, in Talent Management, Training & Development, Skill Development, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Industrial Relations, Policies & Procedures, Hay Evaluation, Thomas Profiling and Counseling. And specialising in enhancing organizations to develop strategies for their people’s engagement and development.

Before starting entrepreneurship, I worked with a few Indian / Multinational Manufacturing Industries as Head-HRM.  

Which factors influenced you to establish Influx?

Industries are facing a growing skill gap in the bottom pyramid of the workgroup that threatens the nation’s long-term economic prosperity. Industries simply do not have enough skilled workers to attain their required productivity. The skilled workforce is the most important determinant of business success. 

Challenges related to hiring semi-skilled / skilled people at the bottom level have a direct influence on an organization’s competitiveness today and in the future. To address the skills shortage, employers need a BRIDGE COURSE related to their practical industry requirements. It will require recruiting from traditional / non-traditional labour pools, training workers, and collaborating with the organisations like INFLUX to run ON-THE-JOB SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS to improve productivity and create a seamless skilled pipeline.

Therefore, INFLUX ONE WORKFORCE started.

What were the challenges? How did you tackle those?

In recent years, industry leaders from manufacturing sectors have been keen on maintaining their competitive advantage and increasing their market niche by inducting people with adequate skills. The most challenging part of inducting people with adequate knowledge & skills involves an exorbitant cost for a range of companies, starting from established industries to startups.

Hiring was a challenge initially. However, we have established a network for continuous manpower supply chain through District Employment Offices, Skill Centers, Conducting periodical Job drives, Campus Placements and Effective Database management. 

Tell us about your Vision & Mission

Vision: To Transform the youth of our country from unskilled individuals to seasoned skilled employees by engaging them in structured On-the-job skill programs. On-the-job training evolved through scientific research aimed at equipping them with adequate skills vitally essential in handling intended positions of the industries.

Mission:  10 million Training Man-days before the year 2025 through INFLUX STRIDE PROGRAMS.  

HR management is a complex procedure. How do you manage this for your clients?

Each business venture has its own challenges. We need to balance the interests of industries and the purpose of the program. Accurate communication with relevant stakeholders is vital. Building trust is always a key factor along with Data management and delivery.

Also, we understand that each business is unique with different needs that vary from organisation to organisation. Hence, we take time to analyse the needs, budget and end objectives before signing MoU with the client.

Can you give us a brief knowledge of your services?

Influx provides WISTA (Work Integrated Skill Training & Apprenticeship) program in the industry itself through appropriate statutory bodies to educate the bottom pyramid of the organization. Making them sustainable in their respective industries and providing pathways to promote them to the next level by way of Assessment and Government Certifications.

On-the-job Training Programs of Influx, help industries impart training to the blue-collar employees who can attain the required technical skills. Influx also provides unique solutions to the employers by enabling their blue-collar employees/trainees to move to the next level in their career growth.

More importantly, all our skill programs are eligible under the CSR initiatives of the organisations. 

What strategies did you implement to make your services effective? 

Our unique “Learn While Earn” flagship programs are attractive to the candidates. They can EARN a stipend equivalent to other regular workers of the organisation and LEARN ADEQUATE SKILLS with appropriate Government certifications while completing the program in 2-3 years. 

Key Benefits to the employee:

Getting NCVT/ NSDC/ SSC/ NSQF Level Certifications while they work & earn in Industries.

Key Benefits to the employer:

  • Developing skilled pipeline / Succession Line Leaders through On-the-Job Training, Assessment and Certifications. 
  • Experiencing reduced attrition and absenteeism.
  • Improved productivity and reduced quality defects

How would you describe the young generation’s ability to adapt and learn in this constantly innovating tech world?

The younger generation is good at new tech adaptability irrespective of their educational background. As we also deliver through Online Edtech Platforms like GOORU, young employees can easily understand the module of delivery and perform in online classrooms without any hassle.  

Which skills and expertise, in your opinion, will be the key to future growth?

Unlearning a few irrelevant School/College Syllabus and Learning quickly the updated technology of the industries are vital to all the employees, going forward. 

Agility, Adaptability and Skilling Up are key for both employer and employee.

How has been your journey to date? What are your further expansion plans?

Our opportunity lies in developing national economic growth through skill development which will, in turn, contribute to the GDP. Achieved positive growth in the past has given them the confidence to plan further expansion. As we planned, completing 10 million Training Man-days before the year 2025 through INFLUX STRIDE PROGRAMS is achievable.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” …. know who you are, what is your purpose, and make it happen.

Year of Founding:2020
Founding Members: 2
Office Locations: Chennai / Bengaluru / Tirupati
Company Strength: 18
Trainee Strength @ Partnered Industries:2800

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