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Entrepreneurship fosters creativity and leadership. It even requires creativity when we talk about interior design. It is one of the most creative and sensitive job roles at the same time. Interior designers don’t just create or plan a room. They make space come alive. 

We have a young & dynamic pair of interior designers who started their journey at a very tough time. While having a small piece of the conversation.


Interior design is the art and science of understanding people’s behavior to create aesthetically pleasing functional spaces within a building. Inner Fusion is an Interior designer’s company started by two young & dynamic pairs of interior designers with a vision to provide Eco-friendly and sustainable designs.


Inner Fusion’s heart and soul is the vision they created for themselves, to achieve greatness while keeping intact their morals and values unscattered. 

This is what we got to know about them: 

Tell us about your life before establishing Inner Fusion. (About the Founder/Co-Founder)

We were in the H.R. College of Commerce & Economics, perusing our undergraduate degree in commerce. After our second year, we joined the most reputed college for Architecture & Interior Design, Rachna Sansad. We did a 2-year full-time diploma course in Interior design, where we actually met and became friends.

After our course, we both individually explored the interior design market and got our own set of experiences by working in different reputed companies for over 7 years before we decided to actually fully start by ourselves.

inner fusion

When and how did Inner Fusion come into existence?

While pursuing our career paths in interior designing jobs, we happened to have a conversation regarding what our future goals were, and we realized that we were both very aligned in what we wanted to create for ourselves. So, taking the leap of faith in its truest sense, we figured everything out along the way and started our Inner Fusion LLP journey in 2021.


How did you manage in the initial stages of inception as we have many players in a structured and unstructured market?

We didn’t really overthink this, we took it as it came. We just gathered all the experience and knowledge we had in this field and decided to start off. We believe in persistence and hard work, which keeps us going through. We, like any other start-up, also have our own set of challenges, but we always hang on and keep working towards achieving our goals.

In which region do you provide interior solutions?

We are based out of Mumbai but cater our services to PAN India.

What are your views on eco-friendly materials?

Eco-friendly and sustainable designs are something that we always try to incorporate by using materials like natural stones, canes, etc.

Tell us about your team.

We are two co-founders with a team of three interior designers. We are a team of young and creative minds who specialize in different fields. While Miloni specializes in quirky and colorful interiors, Snehi has her own speciality in modern luxury using more of neutral tones.


Summing Up

If you have the courage & are clear about what you expect from yourself, it is never a tough task to achieve the desired goals. Having a sensible partnership in a business-like Snehi Zaveri & Miloni Shah can lead you towards true success in the long run.  



Warm, cozy, modern and truly representative of its owner, this 1500sq.ft residence is situated in Thane, Mumbai. The house is designed keeping in mind, the brief provided by the client: A space that is contemporary, open, inviting and crucially a space that is functional and resonated with their personality, considering that the home was owned by an elderly couple.

Keeping in mind the design brief and the personality of the client, it was decided to keep the shell of the home neutral and monochromatic, with punches of colour through fun patterns, art & accessories.

Additional details about the project

Client Name: Baiju & Preeti Shah

Building – Phillipa Residence 

Location – Thane, Mumbai

Design Style – Modern Contemporary

Photography – Prasham Vakharia

Year of Founding:
Founding Members:
Snehi Zaveri & Miloni Shah
Office Locations:
Opera House, Mumbai
Company Strength:
Team of 5
Visiting Card


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