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7. Chirag Shah Karan Shah Co Founder Innovura Technologies Pvt Ltd The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Accelerate your digital presence with innovative products & services

Innovura Technologies is a boutique firm that specializes in creating real-world smart products, with innovation at its core. Product Be it smart gadgets powered by SAAS (Software as a Service) or IoT (Internet of Things), they have experience in product development from idea to reality and post GTM (Go to Market). A striking blend of customer aspirations and technical capabilities carves such masterpieces as LockitPro, Buzz, and JDE.

Innovura Technologies is a renowned website design and development service with a team of website experts and developers who have more than decades of experience. They are building world-class B2B and B2C-oriented websites. Every project they undertake is done with originality and creativity. They believe that a website should be developed in the light of attracting customers and ultimately selling.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Mobile App Development:

There will be many factors that will affect the cost of mobile app development. This is because the cost of a user programming an app will depend on many features. It is important to gain clarity about the target audience, application scenarios, functionality, interface design, security, performance, and integration among others. The range of functions and costs of the app will be determined by user stories, target audience, and user experience. In the meantime, you should have good clarity about:

  • Who will be using the app and for what purpose?
  • How many users will there be and will they be known?
  • Will it be a B2B or B2C solution?
  • Number of user stories that need to be integrated and how complex are they?
  • What would be a requirement related to interface design that would have to be met?

Their Products and Services

  • Web development
  • E-Commerce
  • Software Product Development
  • Mobile App Development

Their Product Invention Services

  • Design Research
  • Product Design And Development
  • Schematic Design, Engineering, And Prototyping
  • Tooling And Fabrication

Their New And Emerging Technology

  • AI And Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Serverless Computing

Innovura Technologies is a web design and development services company that emphasizes user experience as one of the key elements. A website should provide quality web development services to multiple clients. Websites should use responsive web designing which suggests that design and development should respond to user behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

They incorporate mobile responsive design into every project. When you think of design and development services, think of Innovura Technologies. They are a leading design company providing responsive solutions. Your web pages will be navigable, and user-friendly on every screen size, device, and browser. While designing their clients’ sites, they ensure that there is proper readability with ease of navigation.


Innovura Technologies is a well-known e-commerce web development services company with a team of website developers with over decades of experience. Each e-commerce web development service they offer is done with originality and creativity. They believe that a website should be developed in the light of attracting customers, retaining customers, and ultimately selling.

They are a leading software product development firm in helping businesses increase revenue with innovative software solutions.


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