What they are and Their Vision

Instrucare & Solutions ’s vision is to be a world-class manufacturer based in India, developing bespoke products with a unique design for the worldwide market, to stand out with timely service and support provided by highly skilled and empowered people to ensure customer satisfaction. They place a significant emphasis on serving their clients in any way they can, therefore they established a company that combines sales and services under one roof. They offer third-party service contracts for all of the instruments in your laboratory that you need to keep working at maximum capacity and accuracy. They also have a thorough understanding of water systems for your laboratory, having installed and serviced water systems of various sizes and capacities.

Some of their unique products

1. Vertical autoclave (Round and front opening)

It is a fully automatic autoclave — Ideal for sterilizing lab glassware, plastic tubing, liquids in sealed glass containers, and many other items. Fully & Argon Welded to Prevent Steam & Pressure. It has a double-walled construction with SS 304 on the inside and GI Powder Coated on the outside.The temperature is controlled using a microprocessor-based PID temperature controller with dual digital indicators and sensors. The cycle begins when a start switch is pressed for fully automatic steam & air exhaust at the end of specially designed heaters. The lid is equipped with a pressure gauge range of 0 to 20 psi, safety value.

2. Flameproof hot air oven/lod oven

  • Its inside is made of heavy gauge SS 304 & exterior is made of SS 304 Matt / Buff Finish in GMP construction.
  • INSULATION : High-quality compressed glass wool/cera wool insulation is used between the walls to keep the heat out.
  • FLP PID Temp. Controller with Digital Indicator is used to control the temperature. PT- 100 Class A & FLP PT- 100
  • FLP heavy-duty motorized blower has been firmly installed at the top of the oven to perform air circulation for better internal circulation and temperature.
  • FLP SS rod type heater has been clamped at two sides of the chamber with SS perforated door – gasket: a fully insulated single door with perfectly sealed food-grade silicone gasket is provided.
  • EXHAUST is a strong and easy mechanism of designed SS hinges & ball catch or handles lock to open/close the door whose temperature Range is –40°C to 2400°C and temperature accuracy is +10°C to +20°C

3. Low-temperature cabinet

Their Low-Temperature Cabinet is built to meet the highest standard of performance. Its heavy gauge is designed & constructed to meet the low-temperature storage needs of all modern facilities. It has a minimum of 3” PUF insulation in all five compartments with individual insulated inner doors in models of -400c & -700c to minimize cold air heavy duty. The temperature is controlled by a dual digital indicator and a microprocessor-based PID temperature controller.

Temperature Accuracy: +/- 20°C

Amit Madav, CEO

Amit is an electronics engineer with a post-graduate degree in marketing from Mumbai University who has been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and is trying to transform the way laboratories operate.

He is a sales and service team leader with extensive experience. He has proven success in producing new solutions based on unique ideas that aid laboratories in operating at peak capacity and accuracy.

He has installed and serviced water systems of various specifications and capacities and has a thorough understanding of water systems for laboratories. Repairing laboratory and scientific instruments is an additional skill that he possesses

His current profession entails the development of various laboratory instruments as well as the recommendation of models based on the application and requirements of the client, resolve issues with instrument operation and applications, and provide instrument training to customers, sales, and service employees.

Industry Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Company size 2-10 employees
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Type Partnership
Founded 2014
Story by Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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