Integrated Automation

10. Integrated Automation

They set new standards in automation by providing a uniquely tailored blend of products, engineering services, and innovative technology

We are in an age where many industries are evolving and growing in India. Among all the industries that have made a difference, the automation industry has been the most impactful, both towards economy and innovation. Industrial automation is the use of control systems and information technology, such as computers or robots, to manipulate different processes and machines in an industry to replace a human. It is the second step beyond mechanization within the scope of industrialization.

Industrial automation companies in India are proving to be the best provider of industrial automation technology. Government initiatives and the need to improve process efficiency are positively impacting the process automation market in India. Macroeconomic factors such as urbanization and focused government initiatives will help India’s automation market cap reach a total of $4.43 billion by 2024, with a CAGR of 11.6%.

Industrial automation refers to intelligent machines and programmable logic to automate various industrial processes and minimize human intervention.

Industrial automation improves the efficiency and quality of output and maintains consistency throughout micro-and macro-level processes in industries. Industrial control systems consist of various factory automation solutions such as DCS, SCADA, PLC, HMI, and others.

There are a number of companies that are involved in the field of automation, but recently one such company has caught my eye, as they are truly making a difference. The company is registered under the name, Integrated Automation and they are in the business of solving automation problems. They set new standards in automation by providing uniquely tailored products, engineering services, and innovative technologies. Their products and services work together as an integrated whole in improving performance, reducing risk, and adding value to every aspect and degree of your operation. They understand the fast-moving dynamics, regulatory environments, and industry trends affecting industries. Whether facing consolidation and increased competition, new technologies and approaches, or exigency to reduce capital costs and long-term operating costs, Integrated Automation can deliver customized solutions for optimum performance.

Being a niche in the Industrial Automation segment for over ten years and being an early adopter and experienced provider in industrial automation and systems Integration gives them an unfair advantage of having an experienced and strong team.

 About their Leader

Shivansh Prashar is the operating mind behind Integrated Automation.  For him, it is about adopting new technologies, and learning to make better use of existing tools hence the requirement is constant. Shivansh Prashar pursued his Technical Education – B. Tech in Electrical and Electronics and due to his exceptional work in the field of automation, he is widely recognized and interviewed by different media companies. He also holds working experience in information technology, in Bengaluru.

As no two automation projects are exactly alike, the Partner must have good working relationships with open communication, and processes and plans are made easier and more efficient to closely solve unique and complex problems. They always aim to stand apart in their ideas and innovation, which is reflected even in their hierarchy system as they chose to have an Automation Architect as their leader, who acts as a source of motivation to all employees of the company.

About Their Adaptation 4.0:

The rise of Industry 4.0 in the manufacturing sector is developing rapidly and technological developments form the backbone of this evolution. Core technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are very important. As part of connected and adaptive manufacturing, Smart Factories are designed to drive the adoption of digital manufacturing processes and create better outcomes for productivity, delivery, and reduced labor and energy costs.

The company Integrated Automation provides advanced 4.0 edge customized application software on machines and plants for niche customers. At IA, they proudly develop and use Industry 4.0 developments where they strongly believe OLD EXPERIENCE RISES TO YOUNG TECHNOLOGIES.

Their Offered System Integration products:

  1. Computer And Machine Vision
  2. Fault Detection and Inspection,
  3. OCR, OCV, and Lot Code Verification,
  4. Dimensional Tolerance Inspection,
  5. Assembled Components and Orientation,
  6. Glue, Grease, and Adhesive Control,
  7. Pattern Recognition
  • Robots and Integration
  • Vision-guided Robots
  • Arc Welding,
  • Material Handling Robots and
  • Pick and Place
  • E2E Integrated Automations for Various Industries [Monitoring and Monitoring Solution]
  • Batch Serialization and Aggregation and UID Generation:
  • For Carton Serialization, Bottle Serialization, Component Serialization with Packet Aggregation, Shipper Assembling
  • Visual Inspection and Verification of Printed data
  • Global Server Management – Database transfer, WEB portal, and SMS gateway for authentication
  • Special Purpose Machines
  • Automate Manufacturing & Production Lines

Industrial automation’s Capabilities:

Industrial automation uses best-in-class, ready-to-use, industrial grade, 2D and 3D imagery products to tackle some of the toughest manufacturing problems. Combining 2D and 3D technologies with a robotic platform or automation, their solutions are designed to address bin picking, high-speed picking, food processing, and material handling applications in all industries.

They understand Automation Consulting and Processing sometimes surprising demands of growth in a competitive environment. Their team with deep learning and experience in various industries, platforms, and technologies will help you understand and implement smart, Cost-effective, and secure automation solutions promptly and achieve your production and production goals. With their diverse know-how and automation solutions that have been developing for decades, They aim to work directly with you to find the most suitable solution for your specific needs and demands.

Challenges Integrated Automation faced while establishing?

The challenges incur not only while the establishment of a company, but it is a lifetime process that is the steppingstone to move further in the advancement of innovation, automation, and implementation.

Most Common Challenges 

  1. Team building
  2. Winning the Trust of Customers
  3. Adding Uniqueness in providing cost-effective solutions to the customers.
  4. Balancing Quality and Growth


With the rapid development & changing the behavior of Client’s needs and demands for a better product, automation is at a tipping point. Today, with the help of automation a range of functions can be performed without significant human intervention. Automated technologies not only perform repetitive tasks but also significantly increase workforce capabilities.

Automation will support connectivity and reliability in a hyper-competitive ecosystem. The future of automation looks promising where everything will be made easily accessible.

Integrated Automation’s mission is to automate the positioning of 3D [Dull, Dark, and Dangerous tasks] for various manufacturing Industries and implement applications for Manufacturers to serve End Customers with comprehensive high quality, unique, and cost-effective product.

They imagine providing world-class solutions and services. Journey through branching by adapting and enabling their systematic approach, their Unified Experience, and Automation and Integrations at all levels.

Additional Information

Year of Founding 2011
Founding Members Rajaram Tyagi
Office Locations: Greater Noida
Company Strength: 25-50 People
Automation Architect Shivansh Prashar

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