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9. Nitin Kumar Director Intelliroute India Service The 10 Best IT Companies in India 2022

Digitizing the transport system in India with innovative inhouse R&D technology

Intelliroute India Service (IIS) was conceptualized with the objective of R&D in the field of advanced ITS technology with the Make in India motive. With their diversity and experience, they are continuously expanding their provisions for the tolling industry. Implementing electronically based tolling business-to-business, they hold their finger on the pulse of technological advancements so that their customers stay connected. With a tremendous presence on highways, they are the end-to-end supply chain network of choice.

Why choose Intelliroute India service?

  1. Equipped with an in-house team for all business needs.
  2. All the important components of the system were developed in their own facility.
  3. Reduces dependency on third parties for parts and support
  4. With proven systems on their site, they will benefit their stakeholders in maximizing their revenue and optimizing their resources.

Company Value

Through its suite of toll management system services, Intelliroute India Service is one of the leading one-stop solution companies serving Delhi-NCR and other parts of the country. The company aims to maintain and grow its high profile in the market:

  • Maintaining Service Excellence
  • Their Promise, Integrity, Lies In their Performance.
  • To Develop Partnerships Based On Mutual Respect.
  • Expanding their Network And Ensuring their Growth To Meet Your Demands.
  • Providing Better Solutions According To Customer Needs.
  • Treating Employees And Customers With Respect And Honesty
  • Providing A Dedicated, Personalized Service To The Customer.
  • They Continued Ambition Ensures they Have The Economies Of Scale To Be Competitive.

Their services:

  1. Toll Management System iStoll
  2. Advanced traffic management system
  3. Medium speed weigh-in-motion system
  4. Electronic Toll Collection System- ETC
  5. Designing SOP for Toll Collection Operation
  6. Toll plaza diligence for operations and systems
  7. Bridge Health Monitoring System
  8. Electric highway lighting

Specialist In Supply And Integration Services

Weighing Toll Management Systems are automated traffic management systems, CCTV-based surveillance systems, and many other solutions for the infrastructure industry including roads and highways, ports, and logistics.

  • TMS: Their Toll Management System has been developed with a view to providing the best-suited solution to their clients.
  • ATMS: They deliver real-time traffic data with the help of traffic detection systems. It constantly monitors the oncoming vehicles.
  • VIM: In heavy vehicles passing through the weigh-in-motion system, toll plazas, border check posts, etc. Their products and services cater to low speed, high speed and portable vehicle weight in motion systems
  • NETC: Electronic Toll Collection System-ETC. Intelliroute is well fortified with an experienced workforce and system processes. With the continuous flow of traffic at the toll plazas, it becomes necessary to bring in a smooth interface to avoid the mess.


Intelliroute India Service aims to provide discounted, one-stop solutions and services for all types of projects. They strive to be the most successful service provider in the resin industry and strive to improve their market continuity by offering full rates with superior quality, optimum utilization of services, innovation, and cost-saving initiatives.


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