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What is Inuit?

Inuit Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company founded by two friends who have known each other for over three decades. Inuit’s CEO is Mr. Narasimhan M H, while the CTO is Mr. Sharath Punthambekar.

Inuit (“I knew it”), an economical cloud software, is ready to usher in an SME Business Revolution by providing an affordable, convenient, and rapid cloud software solution to India’s 42 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which account for 30% of the country’s GDP. Inuit is now available to SMEs who cannot afford a pricey IT solution and are looking for quick and easy software to automate their company activities.

Their Inception

Mr. Punthambekar, who has extensive expertise in implementing systems both in India and overseas, argued to Mr. Narasimhan that providing a cost-effective, simple cloud solution to SMEs would be extremely beneficial, as there are now very few solutions available to automate SMEs. Mr. Narasimhan agreed to angel fund the idea and Mr. Punthambekar agreed to design and develop it. That is how Inuit was created. On Karnataka Rajyotsava Day, November 1, 2013, Inuit Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. successfully released its Gold Medal Winner “Inuit.”

Mr. Sharath Punthambekar, CTO of Inuit Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has over thirty years of experience in the technology industry and has developed various business process systems both in India and internationally. He believes that for a country to flourish, SMEs must be made more productive. Automation of business processes to boost an organization’s efficiency is one proven area to help it become more productive.

The problems that every SME encountered for automation to thrive were a lack of resources for pricey IT infrastructure, and IT culture, and trained people. Frequent personnel movement has compelled SMEs to invest heavily in educating new employees.

Mr. Sharath Punthambekar planned, developed, and executed Inuit with this assumption in mind. The Government of India (GOI) praised the initiative, and Mr. Sharath was invited to submit his concept along with a prototype for review.

The evaluation was split into two parts. One was regulatory and India-specific: the innovator, organization, and application or innovation must be ratified by the Government of India, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), and the innovation must be cleared by USA agencies, Lockheed Martin, Texas, the USA for technology, and the IC2 Institute, Austin, USA for the commercialization viability report called Quick Report for the innovation and Indo-US Science & Technology Forum for validating FICCI’s recommendations. Both technology and commercial viability were authorized by US agencies, with Inuit receiving the highest rating of “Must be Commercialized.”

Mr. Sharath Punthambekar received the coveted India Invention Award as one of the twenty selected Indians for Inuit innovation as a result of this achievement for Inuit. A cash prize as well as a gold medal! Inuit Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are held by Mr. Sharath Punthambekar.

Mr Narasimhan M H, CEO

Mr. Narasimhan M H has worked in multinational pharmaceutical corporations for over three decades. He held significant positions in several enterprises and was influential in the launch of several goods in India and overseas. He is affectionately referred to as MHN, and he has an unusual knack for coaching others and coming up with novel solutions to corporate problems.

Mr. Narasimhan currently advises CEOs and MDs of corporations as an executive coach and mentors leading international corporate executives in addition to driving Inuit. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and family and travels and reads frequently.

Features of Inuit

Inuit works in 6 different departments :

1.Customers: Orders, Invoices, Receipts, Debtor’s Invoices

2.Inventory: GRN, Deliveries, Shop floors, Pending suppliers

3.Suppliers: Purchase, Orders, Bills, Payments, Creditor’s Ledger

4.Currencies: Foreign exchange, Customs duty, F.E. Loss/Gain, Import in F. Currency, Bill in Local Currency

5.Production: Production Planning, MRP, MRN, BOM, Issue slips

6.Branches: Branch Inventories, Orders, Supplies, Receipts, Branch Transfers

Industry Computer Software
Year of Establishment 2011

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