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Would you tell us about IPOWER BATTERIES (Vision and Mission)?

IPower Batteries Private Limited‘s parent firm, Computech Systems, was founded in 1992. In the fast-increasing electric mobility industry, establish Ipower as a pioneer and premium energy provider. By offering batteries, chargers, and other ancillary products, we help to empower the mobility industry. We are a full-service energy provider for the energy environment.

Vision : Consistently providing innovative and reliable solutions to power electric vehicles and allied applications while ensuring a sustainable planet with a better quality of life for all living beings. Living up to the aim of “Make in India”

Mission :Establish IPower as a pioneer in the evolving energy solution space in India by developing an ecosystem of delighted customers, committed partners, and payback to the community with our exceptional product quality and delightful service.

How do you stay on top of changes in the process, changes in thought of industries that you are going to look at more now?

In India, the electric vehicle market is booming, and new technologies are being developed daily. We at Ipower believe in giving the greatest solutions to our customers, and as a result, our in-house R&D team is always innovating.

With our committed team, we ensure that new developments are rapidly adapted and implemented so that we can keep up with the changing mindsets of the sectors we serve.

What inspires you to come up with IPOWER BATTERIES to provide power solutions to businesses?

Computech Systems, Ipower’s parent firm, has been in the battery business for almost three decades. It was a period when the market was changing toward a more environmentally friendly energy storage technology.

Being in the battery business for over three decades and supporting the EV sector for over a decade to provide clean and green technologies to the community.

We recognize that the period of widespread use of nonrenewable fuels for commuting is coming to an end, and it’s time to transition to more sustainable energy sources. The easiest way to do this is to go electric. We understand the fast-growing EV market and are well-equipped to meet its demands. Lithium-Ion Batteries. The company began manufacturing Lithium-Ion Batteries to be an important component of the ecosystem and make a difference by delivering high-quality batteries.


Through our Lithium-Ion production, we are one of the leading companies in clean energy manufacturing, and our three decades of experience in the industry has helped us leverage our position in the market.

We produce Lithium-Ion batteries, which are a 100% environmentally friendly energy storage solution.

All OEMs receive custom-made batteries to meet their requirements.

These Lithium-Ion batteries are made with top-of-the-line NMC and LFP cells. We built our CAN BMS with software to provide IoT solutions such as advanced tracking, geo-fencing, battery immobilization, and remote monitoring and control.

What are your views on today’s industry scenario? What is your strategy to reach new industries and new customers?

In India, we are currently in the early stages of the electric car era, which is likely to grow in importance in the next years. We recognize that the period of widespread use of nonrenewable fuels for commuting is coming to an end, and it is past time for us to transition to more sustainable energy sources, the best of which is going electric.

Most individuals have been sparked by the government’s efforts to promote electric automobiles in the country. By 2030, the country aims to be fully electric. The government has introduced several plans and incentives, such as the FAME policy, to accelerate the country’s adoption of electric vehicles.

As a result, the growth of the Indian electric vehicle market is likely to have a direct impact on the country’s lithium-ion battery market, moving the sector forward. Ipower, as a firm, is dedicated to not only reaching out to new clients in the sector, but also to supplying high-quality products that meet their needs.

Ipower has developed a best-in-class unique line of Smart batteries with IoT and advanced tracking features to reach new clients not only in India but also beyond. power’s R&D team collaborated with several raw material suppliers to develop a cutting-edge Battery Management System, giving it a competitive advantage in the manufacturing of high-quality Energy Storage systems in India.

How will you define a successful business?

A successful firm is one that not only has consumer trust and confidence but is also dynamic and adaptable to market trends and needs. As a result, Ipower is unquestionably one of them.

How do IPOWER BATTERIES work on making the industry better? What can be expected from IPOWER BATTERIES in the upcoming years?

Ipower is already working on battery solutions for electric vehicles that are environmentally favorable.

Ipower batteries, with a similar ambition, are working to produce promising results and products in the field of battery swapping.

Ipower is empowering India’s electric mobility sector by delivering smart batteries and related technologies.

Using electric vehicles as part of a larger Ecosystem to promote a pollution-free future.

Explain the IPOWER BATTERIES – Founder/ CEO’s journey to date, and how IPOWER BATTERIES tackled any initial struggles?

Mr. Aggarwal has a management background and began his career in his father’s business, which dealt in computer and power conditioning devices, before taking the helm.

Then he launched a new vertical of batteries from the ground up, and with Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd, he progressively gave his concept of green energy a face. Mr. Vikas and his team’s efforts and expertise are responsible for 15 of India’s top 20 electric two-wheeler manufacturers, as well as Ipower’s success.

His mantra of facilitating Make in India has aided him in establishing an entire industry of battery producers and suppliers.Ipower’s founders have worked hard to provide the globe with emulsified energy solutions in India by creating a world of delighted clients.

He has volunteered his time in the community at an NGO that serves meals to migrant workers, in addition to expanding his business for over two decades. and the needy during the time of the pandemic, which began by giving in the open to today a facility with a 10,000-bed hospital for Covid sufferers, which was very satisfying.

One of the biggest issues we had was production because it was such a young business in India, and people weren’t competent enough to create this product. We had to bring in experts from other nations across the world to train our personnel, which was one of the first obstacles we faced.

Our team traveled to many facilities across the globe to learn about the processes involved in producing high-quality battery packs. Another issue we initially encountered was the high cost of this product; even though it is far more efficient than the traditional lead-acid battery, which is the industry standard in India, the high cost made it difficult for people to accept it.

This challenge was handled by numerous incentives provided by national and state governments across India, which provided subsidies to encourage the use of electric vehicles by factoring in battery costs.

Ipower Batteries Pvt Ltd was founded in December 2019 to produce Lithium-Ion Batteries for Automotive and Allied Applications.

Funding Information Privately funded
Founding Members Mr. Vikas Aggarwal and Mrs. Chhavi Aggarwal.
Office Locations New Delhi, Kundli, Haryana.
Website https://ipowerbatteries.in/

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