iSpark Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd

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Bridging the gap between education & economy by leveraging education tehnologies

iSpark Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd is a highly passionate team of technologists, academicians, and professionals with over 200 years of combined industry experience. They have created iSpark Learning Solutions to bridge the gap between both the digital divide and the economic divide in education in India by fully leveraging education technologies. Using both online and blended learning, they provide meaningful education to all school students and develop their 21st-century skills including innovation, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, logical reasoning, collaboration, communication, etc. These skills are essential to get a job and survive in this knowledge-based economy.

They combined their collective knowledge, knowledge, and decades of experience in STEM fields to truly disrupt the Indian education industry by introducing industry 4.0 relevant education through their industry’s first interactive AI-powered tele-education platform Is. Their well-researched and structured courses in STEM, Coding, and Singapore Math are intertwined to equip school students with 21st-century skills and prepare them holistically for a technologically advancing digital world Has happened. To achieve inclusive growth, iSpark has developed curricula and educational products (kits, computing devices, SRDs, etc.) to be truly affordable to all students. Through their Education to Home (E2H) initiative, they aim to reach every household in India and provide the need of the hour, skill-centric education at an affordable cost.

Their Products:

  1. Student Feedback Device
  2. Electronics Kit
  3. Robotics Kit
  4. Iot Kit
  5. Ai/Ml Kit
  6. All-In-One Pc

Their collection session

  • Coding: Coding is a basic literacy in the digital age, and understanding the technology around them is important to prepare children for the future. Students will learn to code using interactive and colorful interfaces and readable blocks. The child will learn the fundamentals of building code logic using animations and game development!
  • Robotic: Robotics facilitates students to learn STEM skills with immediate and personalized feedback that goes beyond right or wrong. Programming and building robots provide students with a practical approach to their project, allowing them to fully understand how both hardware and software work together.
  • Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning: Artificial intelligence for children is the art of teaching computers how to “think”. Artificial Intelligence allows students to become creators of the latest technology

Because it is the way of the future.

  • Knowledge Feed: Enjoy unlimited updates on world technology. Answers to when, where, what, and how!


Their leadership core team has decades of expertise in manufacturing, robotics, IoT, industrial automation, R&D, education, digital learning, and information technology. They are well connected with experts, industry stalwarts, and academic partners across multiple domains to support them.


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