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9. Biju John, CEO- ITVIS Innovation Pvt Ltd- 10 Best Corporate Leaders From Maharashtra - 2022

Lighting up your life

Derived from the Sanskrit word “Tvisha” meaning light, iTvis signifies the growing importance of intelligent lighting in our lives. The ability of lighting systems to detect occupancy and daylight and respond to these changes dynamically whilst ensuring improved wellness of occupants is leading to a paradigm shift making “Lighting First” a priority for homes, offices, industry, healthcare, and retail chains.

iTvis is leading the way in providing cutting-edge Human Centric Lighting solutions to customers through its strategic solution partner Esylux, Germany. Fire Escape Lighting Solutions and Speciality Lighting solutions are provided by iTvis through its strategic partnerships with Fulham, the USA which are world leaders in this field.

The lighting environment has a direct influence on the health and well-being of the people living and working under it. Research has shown that the variation of light is by far the most important factor in setting and maintaining their natural daily rhythm, the so-called circadian. Preliminary evidence suggests that low light exposure is associated with diminished health and well-being, and it can lead to reduced sleep quality, depressed mood, lack of energy, and reduced social relations. At iTvis we believe in designing well-lit environments that are suitable for the visual tasks performed in a room and simultaneously meet individual needs.

Their products:

  • Intelligent Lighting & Automation: Intelligent Lighting and Automation product solutions for commercial, retail, offices.
  • Smart Factory: Intelligent Lighting and Automation solution for Smart Factory
  • Home Automation: Lighting and Automation solution for Happy Home

Their Team:

  • India’s best lighting & automation professionals
  • Masters in Illumination Technology
  • Hybrid partnership with ESYLUX Germany
  • Leading lighting consultant with 25 years of experience
  • India’s first Lighting academy & experience center
  • Topmost lighting educationist in INDIA
  • ISLE member: Indian society of lighting engineers

Their solutions:

  • Modern WorkSpaces: Creating productive workforces
  • Healthcare: Enhancing human wellbeing
  • Research & Education: Nurturing strong minds
  • Specialty Lighting: Innovative Lighting Solution

They invite all System Integrators and Building automation professionals to collaborate with them in creating an intelligent lighting experience that seamlessly integrates with your building automation solutions. Their business partners form the core of their overall business strategy. They invite experienced and budding lighting entrepreneurs to join their franchise network to provide humanized lighting solutions to society.

iTvis is on an endless mission to find the right people – people who are willing to take challenges and make a difference. The experienced leadership team believes in people development and nurturing talent for long-term mutual benefits.


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