Jaipuria School: Harnessing Leading-Edge Technology for Quality Education


India boasts the world’s biggest population between the ages of 5 and 24, as well as a huge English-speaking population that allows for the simple delivery of educational materials and government policy backing. According to a 2016 research by management consulting firm Technopak, the Indian education industry is anticipated to nearly double to $180 billion (18000 crores) by 2020, from an estimated US$ 91.7 billion (9170 crores) in FY18. With a market share of 52 percent, the K-12 category is developing as one of India’s most appealing areas for learning providers. There are 1.5 million K-12 schools in operation right now, with 1.1 million of them being government-run. The additional capacity required is 40 million people, and there is a demand for education from both students and employers.

What is Jaipuria School?

Through its schools and institutions, the Group has a long 75-year history in India’s education scene, providing holistic education with strong values and traditions. The Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group’s mission is to empower young minds from pre-kindergarten to post-graduate level through its network of schools, where students are encouraged to succeed in academics and extra-curricular activities. The Jaipuria family has been involved in education since 1945 when they established a degree institution in Calcutta. They have solidified their dedication to education throughout the years by establishing Seth Anandram Jaipuria Schools across India to give quality education to everybody. They share expertise on how to provide high-quality education to young people throughout India. The brand has already created a name for itself in the Indian education sector, as seen by the various honors and accolades earned by the Kanpur and Ghaziabad schools.

Their mission and vision

At Jaipuria Schools, they aim to establish a network of schools throughout India where quality is the standard and innovation is encouraged. They want to create a change in the country’s education landscape by establishing schools where children may grow up to be confident and joyful as a result of student-centered learning. They wish to empower parents, teachers, and students to ensure that each kid receives a good education and values. To assist children to become successful change agents, Jaipuria helps them develop a spirit of lifelong learning.

Another goal of Jaipuria Schools is to grow its presence in the Indian education market. They are excited about their expansion strategy, which is based on a franchise model and aims to open 50 schools by the end of 2025 in some of Northern India’s Tier I and Tier-II cities.

Their Franchisees receive unrivaled help when it comes to operating K-12 schools. They aim to ensure exponential growth in student enrollment in franchise schools, where fundamental principles of “empower, excite, and excel” are combined with “excellent education using cutting-edge technology” to develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Shishir Jaipuria, Chairman

The Jaipuria family, led by Sh. Shishir Jaipuria, a doyen of the textile business, is a well-known name in the industrial and educational worlds. The organization is known for its inventive and creative tactics, which are reflected in its educational institutions. The Jaipurias’ relationship with education dates back several decades when Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society was founded to support and disseminate great education. Education has been a part of the Jaipuria family for over 75 years.

Why choose Jaipuria?

From kindergarten to graduate school, education is provided at all levels. There are around 20,000 students enrolled and over 15,000 alumni. The company goes beyond classroom lessons to instill in their pupils a unique combination of tradition and contemporary. The Seth Anandram Japuria Schools have consistently ranked among the top in their respective regions.

Industry Education
Company size 0-1 employees
Headquarters Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Website https://www.jaipuriaschools.com

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