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India boasts the world’s biggest population between the ages of 5 and 24, as well as a huge English-speaking population that allows for the simple delivery of educational materials and government policy backing. According to a 2016 research by management consulting firm Technopak, the Indian education industry is anticipated to nearly double to $180 billion (18000 crores) by 2020, from an estimated US$ 91.7 billion (9170 crores) in FY18. With a market share of 52 percent, the K-12 category is developing as one of India’s most appealing areas for learning providers. There are 1.5 million K-12 schools in operation right now, with 1.1 million of them being government-run. The additional capacity required is 40 million people, and there is a demand for education from both students and employers.

What makes them different?

SportsFit feels that working out is more important than posing. MS Dhoni is their main force cum brand ambassador for this reason. It differs from show-off gyms that highlight extracurricular amenities rather than training programs since it has harsh and difficult devices meant to focus on pure strength.

Taking inspiration from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Brand Ambassador

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, often known as MSD, is the Indian cricket team’s captain. He’s won the T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, Indian Premier League (twice), and Champions League. He oversaw India’s ascension to the top of the test rankings. For the year 2011, he was named India’s young icon. MSD is one of India’s fittest athletes. His position as a wicketkeeper and a hard-hitting batter necessitates it.

SportsFit has embraced the same principles that helped Mahendra Singh Dhoni become the inspirational leader he is. He is involved in every element of their plans, down to the smallest detail.

Their Services

  1. C.S.T.PThe bulk of the body’s muscles are involved in C.S.T.P (Core Strength Training Program), except the lower legs. The core is made up of a complicated network of muscles. It is the most powerful stabilizer of both static and dynamic bodily movement. The ‘center of gravity is also found in the core.
  2. CYCLINGOne of the most intense cardiovascular workouts, gradually increasing your heart rate for up to an hour. Cycling activates the Gluteus Maximus, the body’s largest muscle. Aside from the lower body, the hands, core, shoulders, and back are worked on continually for an hour. In a nutshell, it’s a full-body workout.
  3. YOGATraditional workouts have been practiced for over 5000 years, and they give both relaxation and concentration power. This fantastic one-hour class also includes meditation, strength, and flexibility. The finest thing about Yoga is that, despite its competitive nature, it is practiced in a serene rather than a tense environment.
  4. KETTLEBELLGirija (or Kettlebell) is a cannonball-like Russian fighting weapon with a handle. K.B is primarily used to conduct ballistic workouts that integrate cardio-vascular, strength, flexibility, and weightlifting, as opposed to a dumbbell. In a nutshell, a one-hour Kettlebell burst session covers all five aspects of physical fitness.
  5. TRAINING IN FUNCTIONAL SKILLSF.T is the latest international craze that describes a workout in which more than one joint is in action. A complex workout is, in other words, a functional training session. Unimaginable variety generates a lot of attention, reaching a peak of 1 hour.
  6. ZUMBAA Colombian pattern dance is an important element of the fitness business. There is a moderate amount of aerobic activity involved. Toning, heart rate increase and adequate circulation of blood flow to all areas of the muscles are all part of the USP. Though it might be stressful, it is not a particularly strenuous activity.
  7. BOXINGBoxing adds variety to your training and is a high-intensity activity that challenges your body to its limits. It’s a full-body exercise that puts your flexibility, toughness, and stamina to the test.
  8. AEROBICAerobics is regarded as one of the most effective cardio exercises. The Aerobic exercise is particularly intriguing because of the traditional blend of music and dance routines.
  9. ABTABT exercises target a variety of muscle groups. ‘Abs, Butts, and Thighs,’ as the acronym suggests. The buttocks and thighs are the larger muscular groups, while you focus on a specific section of the abdomen at the same time. As the intensity and range of movements are changed, the heart rate changes as well. This program will give you more toned buttocks, sculpted legs, and six-pack abs if you work hard enough.
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