Janam Fertility Centre: A New Ray of Hope for People Coping with Fertility Issues


Janam Fertility Centre is a new ray of hope for people coping with fertility issues, as they provide modern treatment to enable childless couples all across the country to realize their ambitions, desires, and dreams. The fertility center was founded under the competent leadership of Dr. Ashutosh Gupta, a pediatrician, and Dr. Geeta Digra, an expert in infertility therapy. They have a top-notch team of IVF specialists, Embryologists, Gynecologists, and other medical professionals on staff. Janam Fertility Centre is a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking infertility treatment. The crew is efficient and competent, and they provide counseling and consultations based on extensive investigations, medications, and USGS. In the facility, you’ll find all of the most up-to-date tools and technical instruments that aid in offering better IVF treatment. It is situated within Doaba Hospital 320, Lajpat Nagar, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar city, near Nakodar Chowk. This institution is one of the best TEST TUBE BABY CENTRES in Punjab, with skilled staff and physicians. Every patient at Janam Fertility Centre receives personalized care at every stage of their treatment, and the center is dedicated to treating challenging cases with the highest care and attention. Several individuals have benefited from our treatment and are now able to enjoy a joyful life with their children. Our goal is to provide effective services to all unhappy couples who have given up hope of having children.

Dr. Geeta Digra, Medical Director

In December 1997, she graduated from the Govt Medical College in Amritsar with a bachelor’s degree in medicine. She worked in a government medical college and hospital in Chandigarh as an in-house physician. She began working in the field of infertility in 1999. In the year 2000, she received training in infertility treatment from Dr. BN Chakarborty of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine in Kolkata. She received Ovum pickup, embryo transfers, and IVF laboratory procedures training from Medicult Fertility School in Mumbai in March 2007. She has worked in the field of infertility treatment for over 17 years.

Their Treatments

1. HSG: HSG is an X-ray test used to determine a woman’s reproductive potential. It’s a radiological procedure that involves injecting dye into the uterus. The fallopian tubes are open if the dye travels through them, but they are blocked if the dye leaks into the abdomen. If the tubes become blocked, the appropriate treatment is given to unblock them. If the tubes cannot be opened, the patient is advised to undergo IVF treatment.

2. IUI: IUI therapy, also known as intrauterine insemination, is the technique of separating fast-moving sperm from slow-moving sperm and injecting them directly into a woman’s uterus during her ovulation phase. The process is painless and straightforward, and it increases the odds of conception.

3. IVF: It is the most effective way of fertility treatment, combining sperm, eggs, the uterus, and the tube to create a baby. If other techniques fail to help couples conceive, IVF is recommended, which helps women conceive quickly. For childless couples, Janam Fertility Centre features state-of-the-art IVF facilities.

4. ICSI: A single sperm is inserted into an egg in this procedure, allowing for easy fertilization. In cases where the male partner’s sperm production is low, this treatment has a high success rate. It’s a godsend for folks who haven’t been able to conceive using traditional methods.

5. Embryo Freezing: Embryos can be stored in liquid nitrogen and used later during IVF at Janam Fertility Centre’s laboratory. This lab is licensed to administer all of these therapies and is regularly monitored and supervised by specialists. These embryos are stored in the freezer for future usage, which is advantageous for childless couples.

6. Surrogacy Program: Surrogacy is a light of hope for childless couples who have exhausted all other options. Janam Fertility Centre assists couples in surrogacy programs so that they can have their genetic baby with the help of another woman who can easily carry the baby.

7. Donor Program: For those couples in need of egg donors, Janam Fertility Centre offers an egg donation program. Many couples find their donors, but if they don’t, our center can help with IVF treatment by providing egg donors. The majority of ovarian eggs come from young, fertile donors, which Janam Fertility Centre can supply to those who need them.

8. PESA/TESA: Male infertility is treated by specialists following a semen analysis, and they are helped to recover from the condition using medications or other treatments, depending on the causes.

9. Sperm freezing: Sperm freezing is one of the treatments offered by Janam Fertility Centre. Sperms are stored to be used in the future, when the female ovulation cycle begins or when the female partner has been entirely cured to get the sperms injected. They’re generally employed in cases of IUI or IVF.

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