Jugnoo: From Auto-Aggregator to India’s 3rd Largest Ride-Hailing Provider


What is Jugnoo?

Jugnoo is the third-largest ride-hailing business in India, with operations in more than 50 locations throughout the country. Through its strong mobility platform, Jugnoo offers mobility solutions by allowing last-mile connection via a variety of vehicles. Jugnoo’s Fatafat enables on-demand delivery services and has performed 10 million transactions since its debut, extending hyperlocal to delivery services.

Jugnoo has also created a mobility-as-a-service platform that offers digital mobility solutions to entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the world. They provide a comprehensive cloud-based transportation dispatch solution for all businesses.

Jugnoo has spread to 40 cities throughout India in less than two years and is averaging 50,000 daily transactions. According to the founders, the company’s concentration on Tier II and III cities has paid off. The firm has a five-million-strong user base and over 15,000 vehicle drivers that are affiliated with the brand. The Jugnoo app is available on all major smartphone platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. The Jugnoo Facebook bot may also be used to book Jugnoo rides.

Samar Singla, Founder

Samar Singla is a physicist by training and a serial entrepreneur. He formerly worked at IBM and CERN as a researcher. He’s a well-known speaker in the industry. In 2014, Samar launched Jugnoo intending to revolutionize the Indian auto-rickshaw industry. Samar created Click-Labs, a lucrative SaaS technology solution supplier of a Business suit named ‘JungleWorks,’ in addition to Jugnoo. He is a frequent traveler and hobbyist photographer who enjoys capturing the mundane. Samar’s website refers to him as “someone somewhere in a garage,” a reference to his passion for creating new things.

Jugnoo’s outstanding progress over the years

Jugnoo launched at a time when the majority of hyperlocal commerce companies were exiting the market. The founders always looked at Jugnoo as a fundamentals-driven company.

Jugnoo began as an on-demand auto rickshaw service that added several user-friendly features to make booking a trip easier. Jugnoo Bot, which allowed Facebook users to schedule a ride using Facebook Messenger, Jugnoo’s website, or its Facebook page, was launched in 2016. In addition to English, Jugnoo provides a multilingual interface for drivers.

As Jugnoo’s reputation as an auto-rickshaw aggregator grew, the company’s founders sprung into action and introduced a slew of other services.

Services offered

Jugnoo also provides the following services:

  • Dodo Delivery : Vendors may use Dodo delivery to send items to their consumers. Jugnoo Delivery has replaced Dodo Deliveries.
  • Fatafat : Fatafat service provides Hyperlocal delivery of food, grocery, and vegetables. Fatafat was decommissioned in October of 2015. After purchasing SabKuch Fresh, the service was relaunched in Chandigarh in May 2016.
  • AskLocal : The Jugnoo app’s AskLocal feature not only provides local information, but also serves as a forum for users to ask questions, make recommendations, and share content. It’s a geolocation-based platform that’s available in all of Jugnoo’s locations.
  • Menus : Jugnoo meals were previously introduced by the firm. However, it was shut down in October 2015 and relaunched as Menus in 2017. Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway, Baskin Robins, Super Donut, Burger Point, Rolla Costa, Copper Chimney, Marky Momos, and Dhaba.com are among the famous restaurants and shops that have joined Jugnoo Menus.
  • Flight Map : Flight map is a complete routing solution for travel salespeople and car routing issues.

Roadblocks to success

The primary difficulties with the car transport network, were the auto drivers’ disagreeable attitude, unavailability, and exorbitant prices. The aim was to use a smartphone app to tap into a potential public transportation medium in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, namely the auto-rickshaw, so that the public could hail it and the auto drivers could save time waiting; a notion similar to taxi services like Ola.

Their Marketing Strategy

Jugnoo’s marketing strategy involves turning its customers and drivers into brand ambassadors. They’ve taken use of public transportation’s on-demand availability as well as its dual capability of home delivery. They’re expanding rapidly in big cities by forming smart partnerships with companies that expand their prospective client base.

Saumya Tondon, a well-known TV and film actress, was chosen as Jugnoo’s spokesperson. Jugnoo has profited greatly from word-of-mouth exposure. To recruit new clients, Jugnoo uses user referral programs and social media advertising.

Industry Internet
Company size 201-500 employees
Headquarters Panchkula, Haryana
Type Public Company
Founded 2014
Website:  http://www.jugnoo.in
Story by  Swiftnlift Business Magazine Company

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