“Every home should have a pet as a pet brings nature into your life.”

                         – Ashish Anthony, Founding Member

How has the pet retail industry grown over the last decade? What kind of demands do the pet owners place on your company?

The Pet industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. From Pets being considered as a security purpose to now, pets have become an integral part of a family. From pet owners, now people call themselves pet parents. The product range, international brands, shop sizes, customer base, geographical locations, online, overall business volumes have gone up exponentially in the last decade.

What is your company’s goal and vision?


We thrive on three values – Trust, Education, and Passion! Providing the best products & services through ethical business practices to all stakeholders is our priority. We focus on operational excellence by eliminating non-productive inventory, keeping the stores clean and uncluttered. Just Dog’s employees are well educated to answer Pet Parent’s questions and spread awareness amongst them, to delight them and serve them for life.


We aim to grow more and expand our presence in every premium high street of the world, with a vision of becoming the first name that comes to your mind when you think of Pets and Pet Services.

How do you manage your sales?

Concerning managing sales, everything is planned for the entire financial year. Then the planning is broken down to half-yearly, quarterly, monthly to every single day. Every store has a minimum of one main Store Manager who is responsible for end-to-end management of the store management which includes sales as their main function. The store manager has their team which consists of an Assistant Store Manager, multiple Store executives, Groomers, Drivers, Delivery executives, and Housekeeping. The entire team put together manages various aspects of the store like inventory, merchandising, hygiene, technology, customer experience, home delivery, grooming, processing online orders, etc. The team ensures every customer is attended to with utmost care, being responsive, and making the right product is available at the time and the right place.

What was the driving force behind the establishment of your company? What idea propelled you towards the institution of this company?

The brand was born on 16th January 2011 in Nehrunagar, Ahmedabad, with the vision to fulfill every pet’s need in its lifetime and to help pet parents become the best they can be. Just Dogs follows three values – Trust, Education, and Passion. They use these values to provide the best products & services through ethical business practices to all stakeholders. The stores are modern and uncluttered and are a second home for pets. The employees are very well-educated to answer any question asked by pet parents, spreading knowledge and awareness to the public.

Just Dogs keeps a large variety of pet products, ranging from pet food, grooming, and health and hygiene. Just Dogs also provides services like pet grooming, where all pets leave the spa bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. The love for pets doesn’t stop there; the Just Dogs Foundation provides sustenance to stray animals all over India. Just Dogs has also teamed up with Zomato Feeding India, Food For Paws to provide millions of food portions to the neglected strays in India. Just Dogs is also a leading online provider of pet products and information at www.justdogsstore.com.

Ashish Anthony and Poorvi Anthony, Founders, guided Just Dogs from a small store to a national brand, with 42 stores and spas already running successfully across 20 cities and 12 states in the country. One new store has opened today in Vadodara on Old Padra Road, with products not only for dogs and cats, but also for birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, fishes, turtles, and rabbits. Nationwide, Just Dogs has over 16,000 varieties of products in-stores and online.

What’s the business strategy of your company?

JUST DOGS has a wide variety of premium brands, both international and national. All pet products, ranging from pet food, treats, accessories, grooming, health, and spa, are high-quality and specifically made keeping the pet’s biological needs in mind. Every JUST DOGS store is designed to become a second home for pets. By keeping a simplistic name, we are instantly recognizable as a pet retail brand.

JUST DOGS focuses on three strategies that they refer to as DOG:

D – Delight the customer.

O- Operational excellence.

G – Grow services.

Tell us about yourself and your journey from the beginning including your experience in academia.

I was a student in the past, I am a student at present, and I will be a student in the years to come. In the famous book of Edgar Shien “The Learning Man”, he says that the individual is not an entity in his or her chosen field until and unless he develops himself according to the ever-changing environment.

It is a never-ending process and carries on throughout the life of an individual. Kylie in the book of management of man at work named as ‘The Gold Collar Workers’ has said that a professional has to build himself and the environment around him.

He has to store the experiences for the future, but with a view of extending the mind for new uses in the future. Experience not only reinforces classroom theory but also helps in relating theory in future sessions.

JUST DOGS was born on that note …

I finished 10th STD from St. Francis De Sales, Nagpur, and SSC from Don Bosco, Lonavala in 1987 followed by B.Sc in Computer Science from Hislop College, Temple Road, Civil Lines, Nagpur in 1994.

I started my career with Toshali Resorts International as an Assistant manager from 1994 to 1997. Then I moved to Unilever as Territory Sales Manager for MP & GJ from 1997 to 1999. From 1999 to 2003 I worked as Area Sales Manager in Shell for GJ & RJ. From 2003 to 2007 I worked as Regional Sales Manager – Personal Loans for West Region in ICICI. Before starting JUST DOGS, I was heading the State Sales / Collections & Recoveries from 2007 to 2010 for Barclays Bank India.

Tell us about the honors and achievements that your company has received.

 Marketing Meister from Herald Global at Global Business Symposium, 2020 at Goa.

 The Real Grace Awards 2020 – Grace in Pet Management

 Gujarat Pioneers 2020 by Times of India

 Entrepreneur of the year, by Indian Pet Industry Award, 2019 to Mr. Ashish Anthony – Founder & Director of JUST DOGS

 Pet Specialty Retail Brand of The Year, Large Format, 2020 by Indian Pet Industry Award 2020

 Pet Specialty Retail Brand of The Year, Large Format, 2021 by Indian Pet Industry Award 2021

 Most Promising Pet Brand of The Year, 2021 by Indian Pet Industry Award 2021.

 India’s Retail Champions, Specialty Retail, 2021 by RAI (Retailer’s Association Of India)

What are the prospects of ‘Just Dogs’?

We aim to grow more and expand our presence in every premium high street of the world, with a vision of becoming the first name that comes to your mind when you think of Pets and Pet Services.

Year of Founding:2011
Funding Information:Self
Founding Members:Mr. Ashish Anthony & Ms. Poorvi Anthony

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