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9.Anamika Singh, Co-Founder _ CEO- KABOODLE INNOVATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED- Top 10 Promising Startups in Education Technology 2022

Integrated learning systems are hardware/software solutions designed to deliver instructional content. The effective delivery of that content is measured, monitored, and maintained with an array of assessment and management tools that may also be part of that system. Integrated learning systems are generally associated with educational/academic environments, but are also deployed within private industry, for example, as a way to introduce employees to new, mission-critical systems and software applications.

As opposed to static online help or even animated tutorials, integrated learning systems are highly interactive and are designed to provide feedback as to progress and grasp of the subject matter at hand. Built-in tools further allow executive management or instructors and trainers to monitor and measure a student’s progress.

Kaboodle is a registered product of Kaboodle Innovations. It is an Integrated Learning Platform that addresses the issues faced by educators and students. Working on this value, their mission is to create a learning support ring around the child in partnership with schools, teachers & parents. Brand Kaboodle envisions change and is represented by a tiny Butterfly which is symbolic of the greatest and the most complete transformation that occurs in nature.

Courses offered VI-X

  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies 

Why Kaboodle?

  1. For Students
  • The Child-centric approach provides a learning space without being judged.
  • Gamified learning module to replace rote learning.
  • Motivate to make studying their goal.
  • For Teachers
  • They have partnered with TTF, Canada to offer state-of-the-art training and certifications.
  • A teaching and learning tool that trains educators in the right teaching techniques that help create a conducive learning environment.
  • For Schools
  • Prepares schools for NEP expectations.
  • Real-time tracking of the daily progress of classroom teaching and learning.
  • Trains teachers to excel in teaching and motivate students to excel in learning.
  • For Parents
  • Eliminates the need for additional tutorials.
  • Helps track the child’s real-time progress.
  • Eliminates the additional expense of reference books.

Kaboodle has joined hands with The Teachers Training Foundation (TTF) based in Calgary, Canada, an acclaimed International Organization that works with educators around the world empowering them with evolved and innovative teaching techniques. TTF programs evolve from the imperative need for well-trained teachers specifically in the context of digital and non-digital educational solutions. This includes methodologies such as flipped classrooms and blended learning.

Website- https://www.kaboodleinnovations.com/

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