What are their distinguishing attributes?

They are a group of tech monks

They want to use technology ingenuity and innovation to find purpose in their lives. They want to create goods that promote human-nature harmony while still being incredibly clever and innovative.

They aim to get rid of paper

This was their first attempt at achieving ‘balance.’ They want to eliminate paper receipts everywhere by providing a secure digital replacement that saves millions of trees.

They adore technology

They are engineers who enjoy mingling with, playing with, and experimenting with cutting-edge technology to produce something helpful. They are enthralled by technology’s incredible ability to solve issues and make their lives easier on this wonderful planet. They eventually hope to be included in the global innovators’ problem-solving tech-creation crusade.

They adore nature

They are fascinated by the natural world. They consider human technological advancement and ecological harmony as a single aim, and they seek to find solutions that benefit both.

They motivate people

The Kaddoo founders believe that as a species, we are capable of enjoying considerably better lives. We all can live a life in which science and technology can flourish without destroying nature. We must all put an end to our customs and behaviors that hurt the environment, and adapt to new ways of life.

Their apps

A) Heydo

Heydo is a mobile app that allows you to order food, receive a digital bill, and make payments without having to phone waiters at partner restaurants. At this time, they are only available in Pune. The app is meant to make the entire ordering and checkout process faster and easier for you. It not only offers a digital replacement to menus and paper bills that are easier to manage in-app, but it also includes several online payment alternatives that make paying bills without the burden of cash or cards much easier. Heydo is designed to save you time, be extremely convenient, and, most importantly, reduce the number of paper invoices you receive, thereby saving trees and contributing to environmental protection.

B) Heydo Captain

The Captain app seeks to give restaurant captains authority over the self-checkout process. It acts as a link between the client and the POS system, allowing for improved transaction regulation and keeping the captains informed. A captain can use the app to manage bill requests received by clients at tables that the captain supervises. For the client, captain, and POS operator, this makes the overall flow of bill requests and payments more convenient and transparent.

C) heyDo Partner

The Heydo Partner App attempts to provide a streamlined view of all of a partner’s restaurants on the Heydo network. This gives partners a clear picture of the Heydo platform and its role in self-checkouts. It also assists partners to manage Captains in their restaurant allowing adding or deleting a captain for a given restaurant. This makes the entire process easier and more linked.

In the future, they plan to expand their capability by offering critical business data and insights to help partners better their operations.

Nirvantosh Mishra, Co-Founder, and CEO

He is a programmer (now a Full Stack Developer), a business owner, and a lifelong student. He is also an explorer who is constantly trying new things.

As a coder, he has 7+ years of Java, Spring, Hibernate, and RESTful APIs experience, 2+ years of C, Embedded C, Python, and Hardware device experience (IoT), and 8+ months of Angular, HTML, CSS, and Typescript experience.

He is not afraid to venture into new territory (technical or non-technical) and grasps it to reach his objectives. Creating and signing a Windows Virtual Printer driver, comprehending and implementing marketplace payment mechanisms, hacking and integrating 3D printers, developing production-grade icons/images, and putting together pitch decks are just a few examples of his skills.

As an entrepreneur, he launched Heydo (, a Contactless Dining solution that allows ordering food, billing, and payment all via the smartphone, without having to interact with waiters in a restaurant. In these COVID times, it’s a requirement.

Education, global warming, and the water crisis are three issues that he is concerned about. Space exploration, algorithms, and AI/ML are three topics that excite him.

Year of Founding2016
Industry Internet
Company size 2-10 employees
Type Privately Held
Company Strength16
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