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“Delivering cell phone servicing & repair services at your doorsteps.”

Kaicell: accepts all brands of smartphones, notebooks and tablets under one roof.

About Kaicell

Kaicell Electronics Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaicell Holdings Limited in the United Kingdom, is a technology company based in the Delhi-NCR Region of India, with its innovative start-up Kaicell.com – India’s latest Omni-Channel Gadget Retail Concept, which offers a new way of shopping for electronics as well as the ultimate in customer experience and shopping convenience!

Customers nowadays expect everything! They desire the benefits of shopping online, such as a large selection, detailed product information, user reviews, and social media trending information! They want the benefits of physical stores as well, such as personal attention and the chance to touch and try things, as well as the mall hopping and shopping experience. Their goal is to achieve seamless integration of the digital and real retail worlds.

Kaicell network of Service Agents and Customer Care Centers strives to fill this niche market by combining the ease of online buying with the quick & reliable service and personalised experience of a neighbourhood electronics shop. It specialises in repairs and troubleshooting of electronics and sells the world’s top brands of cellphones, desktops, tablets, wearable devices, and accessories.


We remain committed to quality, innovation and customer service, while striving to be a leader in the industry.

At Kaicell , we continue to foster and create an enterprise that creates jobs for our friends, families, communities and franchisees.

Company Name:Kaicell Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
Founding Year:17 April 2015
Area:Served India, Middle East & South Asia Markets
Founder:Kai R
Specialities:franchising, smartphones, gadgetcare, customer service, repair services, customer support, consumer electronics, retail, specialtyretail, technology, omni channel retail, applecare, samsung care, smartphone care, notebook care, smartphone repair, iphone repair, apple repair, and notebook repair

Kaicell is a Omni Channel Gadget Care & Repair Services concept that offers Instant-In Store & On-Demand On-Site Care & Repair services for mobile phones, notebooks & other electronic gadgets via a Network of Retail Stores & Professional Technicians supported by a Multi Country Web Platform- www.kaicell.com with an Integrated Customer Loyalty Program and a Cloud based POS & Repair Job Tracking Software. It aims to offer a new way of ‘serving the customer’ and the ultimate in ‘experience & convenience’ to customers in India, Middle East & South Asia Markets.

• Kaicell offers customers the convenience of Online Shopping and a network of KAI Centers for pre & post-sales support located within close proximity to their residential & office communities!

• The KAI Center is a combination of a retail shop, a customer fulfliment warehouse location, a service center a lounge & a café, all rolled into one great convenient place ! It is the ideal product touch n try point, a neighborhood repair shop, a hi speed assisted online shopping experience lounge or simply a great place to hang out with friends over coffee and a free Wi-Fi !

• Kaicell.com customers can order online and pick up products @ the KAI Center @ any time as per their convenience! It’s Great for student’s n the workaholics including working moms n dads!

• The KAI Center offers repair & troubleshooting services including home services for all electronic gadgets!

• Kaicell.com offers Live Online Chat 24x 7 as well as tele- support services for assistance on product shopping inquiries, status of deliveries, support on how to set up devices or trouble shooting queries!

• The Kai Center also sells a complete range of Off the Shelf n Custom Accessories that customers would need in a hurry to replace or add on such as a personalized mobile case, the ever-fleeting earphone, cable charger or the power bank in case they hit the red!

• The KAI Center offers value added services such as mobile pre & post-paid connections, mobile data plans or simply recharge credits. Customers can also simply just call @ the KAI Center and the staff will happily top it up!

• Kaicell.com offers reliable & easy return or exchange of products via the KAI Center in case you want to change their mind after having purchased online. • Kaicell.com offers Trade In Services for used electronic gadgets @ the KAI Center.

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