KAMMA Gear Flywheel Power Generation

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“Generating energy from from no fuel is the task for a new world.”

KAMMA Gear Flywheel Power Generation: Dr Chaganti invents KAMMA gear flywheel to generate electricity

Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti, an Andhra Pradesh mechanical engineer, has developed a novel device that creates electricity without the usage of conventional fuel or energy. Dr. Chaganti told The Hitavada, “The KAMMA gear flywheel power production concept is the world’s first power generating system that uses weight, diameter, and RPM instead of natural energy and fuel.” Heat, work, and internal energy transfers from one object to another are investigated and utilised to the KAMMA gear flywheel power generating system in Kinetics Associated Mass Mechanical Applications (KAMMA).

“This approach works like a sponge that can absorb water and squeeze that absorbed water whenever necessary,” he explained. “The KAMMA gear flywheel can absorb rotational kinetic energy and use that kinetic energy whenever necessary.” Dr. Chaganti has been creating pollution-free green energy generating and storage systems for over three decades. “I have resolved to devote my complete scientific knowledge and experience in constructing technology to the advancement of society in the future.”

“This notion is my innovation, and it is the world’s first fuelless power generation technology,” said Dr. Chaganti. India is behind the curve when it comes to obtaining patents for inventions. Dr. Chaganti, on the other hand, received a patent for his idea, which will be a future electricity generation concept. For this creation, he also received excellent feedback from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The PMO advised the Ministry of Power to incorporate the ‘Flywheel’ into the renewable energy industry.

“There is no information and technology concerning this technology available in any engineering institutes, universities, or university libraries anywhere in the globe,” Dr. Chaganti stated. This technique can generate power in single and three phase AC/DC with a plant load factor of 99 percent, from 1 KW to 20,000 KW, from 2V to 66,000V. It is the world’s cheapest power producing technology with the lowest maintenance costs. He said that the cost of generating one unit (Kwh) is less than two rupees, while the cost per MW is Rs 4 crore.

“This technology will cater to the demands of all sectors of the country,” says Dr. Chaganti. “This technology should help every individual and every family to make India a well-developed and self-sufficient country in the power industry,” Dr Chaganti remarked. Dr. Chaganti had come to town with his invention in order to raise awareness about it. On Tuesday, a huge number of people, including students, engineers, and researchers, came to see the event.

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