Karmic Meditraders: Wholesalers and Suppliers of Branded and Generic Pharmaceuticals


About Karmic

Karmic Meditraders, based in Delhi, directed by Sujata Kohli and Vikas Kohli, is one of the most dependable wholesalers and suppliers of branded and generic pharmaceuticals, specializing in anti-cancer treatments, HIV/AIDS therapies, and other life-saving drugs and medication supplied by Indian and multinational pharmaceutical companies. They’ve been dealing with pharmaceutical products in India for decades and are now an approved stockist of both branded and generic pharmaceuticals.

With a wide choice of excellent formulations and medicines, Karmic Meditraders has effectively satisfied the expanding demands of the Pharmaceutical Industry. They can supply at competitive pricing because of their important position in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. Across India, they deliver a variety of OTC (over-the-counter) meds, anti-cancer medications, HIV/AIDS medications, and other life-saving medications. They buy all of the pharmaceuticals we deal with in bulk quantities, so they are all cost-effective. Their significant growth can be credited to the efficient and high-quality drugs we sell, as well as their professional sales tactics. They provide direct services to large, medium, and small businesses as well as individuals throughout India. They are a customer-focused organization that is committed to providing high-quality drugs at reasonable pricing.


Karmic’s core competency lies in supporting:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Vaccines
  • Biologicals
  • Biotech Products, and
  • Innovative healthcare concepts companies

in the areas of

  • distribution
  • export
  • import
  • shipping


Their distribution network covers the entire country of India. Their logistical knowledge helps them to deliver your products to your customers safely and on schedule. They use a ‘just in time approach to distribution, guaranteeing that your company runs more efficiently and effectively and that your clients receive their items when they need them.

They create distribution routes that maximize efficiency and cut costs through the supply chain, from product creation to final client.

Services for Export

Clinics, hospitals (private, government, and defense), research institutions, foreign importers, and healthcare professionals are among its clients. They are dedicated to supplying high-quality items at competitive costs, as well as prompt and dependable service to their international consumers. You can rely on them to meet all of your pharmaceutical requirements.

Due to the Indian government’s widespread price restriction, big worldwide branded pharmaceuticals are cheaper in India than in any other country, allowing them to give consumers low-cost international brands from multinational pharma corporations.

Import Services

Karmic is working to fill gaps in the Indian pharmaceutical market, intending to increase private and public participation in the pharmaceutical industry while adhering to national and international principles to develop a product range that is durable, affordable, and meets the highest quality standards.

Individual demands for medicines that are not available in India are met by them.

Services for Drop Shipping

They specialize in providing Licensed Online Pharmacies with global fulfillment and drop shipping services.

The following are some of their advantages:

  • Attractive prices on high-quality branded products and Indian generics.
  • International distribution facilities with low costs.
  • Ability to hold stock or source from our existing inventory on your behalf.
  • Procurement, order processing, and shipment with a personalized invoice to the customer are all included in the whole service.
  • You may increase your profit margins by establishing business relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors.
  • Genuine products.
  • Unobtrusive packaging.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Products that are safe and secure
Company category Company limited by shares
Company type Private
Industry Pharmaceutical
Website: http://www.meditraders.com
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