KayOne Consulting

Offering integrated transaction focussed approach; deep industry expertise and local market knowledge

We would like to know about the company’s Inception story. How it all does started?

KayOne Consulting was founded in 2015 as an independent transaction advisory firm with service offerings including virtual CFO, business valuation, due diligence. The key idea was to differentiate from the existing CA firms providing the same services, by offering integrated transaction focussed approach; deep industry expertise and local market knowledge.

KayOne Consulting was officially incorporated as a company in 2017, and has grown globally expanding its team and its client base.

Today, we are a firm with a global reach having clients in more than 15 Countries. We also have subject matter experts who provide professional, results-driven and high-quality advisory services to all our clients.

In 2020, the company setup its London operations to serve the clients in UK and EU.

Tell us about your products and services. Where do you provide those?

We provide the following services for our Clients.

  1. Virtual CFO Services comprising Full time CFO, Interim CFO and Virtual CFO
  2. Transaction Advisory comprising Valuation, Due Diligence and Business plans
  3. Corporate Finance – Raising startup Capital and IPOs

Our Clients are spread across 15+ countries and we have worked in a wide variety of assignments which includes, listed companies, large corporates and startups

We will appreciate if you tell us about the Founder’s life journey.

Our Founder Kishore is an acknowledged professional in the area of strategy, finance and systems. Fortified with industry agnostic and domain specific accreditations and certification, Kishore has worked extensively with governments and industry in US, UK, Singapore, India, Middle East and North Africa in projects which are mission critical and of strategic importance.

What kind issues did you face in the covid19 period? How did you manage to survive in it?

Since most of our clients are tech startups there was not much effort involved from our side for moving to a Virtual environment, working from home or moving to “Zoom” meeting based work environment. Our concept is working from remote location and supporting our clients, therefore the transition during COVID19 period was not very difficult for KayOne. However, we did face issues on employee engagement initiatives and team outing events. We were able to manage that by regularly connecting over zoom amongst the team members and keeping them engaged

What kind of growth are you projecting in the Indian business market?

Indian entrepreneurs, in today’s startup world, have become more and more tech-savvy unlike the traditional entrepreneurs who are used to a paper-based setup. In lieu of this, we expect more and more services to go Virtual and online. Demand for Virtual CFO services will go up exponentially in the future, not only in India but also in other global markets. Any growth does not come without a Challenge, which would be in our case, staying connected with Internet all the time. Being able to respond to client requests sitting out of anywhere in the globe. In KayOne, we equip ourselves and our team with devices to stay connected all the time, to serve our Clients.

What are your expansion plans in the near future?

We have a well-marked space for ourselves in services like Virtual CFO services, Transaction advisory services viz. IPO and Due Diligence services. However, we do have expertise in other areas of consulting like, Valuation, Drawing Business plans etc. We plan to invest more time and resources into these areas in the future. There are other opportunities in the Future Finance World with Blockchain and crypto technologies. We plan to expand ourself in these spaces as well.

Year of Founding:2015
Office Locations:Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Kemp House 152-160, City Road, London
Company Strength:Dynamic Team, About 50+ years of combined experience in the areas of Valuations, Due Diligence, Accounting and Finance, Fund raising

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