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8. Krishna Chintam Founder MD Kellton Tech Best AI Based Surveillance Companies in India 2022

Bespoke solutions for every enterprise

Established in 2009 on a solid foundation of honest family values, they have built enduring relationships that have kept them on the edge of innovation ever since. Their belief in not fitting one technology to fix a problem, but finding a dedicated solution for you, whatever the technology, has enabled them to inspire, transform and create the synergies that shape the digital space.

While they specialize in a proven track record and have a great reputation for helping companies do business faster, better, and smarter than ever before, they never allow themselves to forget that they care for their customers. Lucky for you, not the other way around. From start-ups on incubation to global giants topping the Fortune 500 list, they’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s bravest brands to help them build fast, efficient bespoke solutions that match their true worth. The problems of the world. They say lucky because, for their ever-growing workforce of over 1,500, it’s not just a job – technology is a business.

If you collaborate with Kellton Tech you are working with a team that strives to provide solutions that help you do business faster, better, and smarter than ever before. Their focus on performance and their desire to disrupt comes from the people who started the company from scratch. The creators made it all the way to an IPO and continue to empower over 1,500 employees to always improve, powering endless possibilities.

Their Technologies:


When they created Kelton Tech, they did it because they believed there was always an easier way. They had a vision that they could help companies find it. They wanted to grow their workforce, knowledge base, and business offering. They wanted to do this so that they can provide people with endless possibilities to help them trade faster, better, and smarter than ever before. While they have achieved this vision within a decade, it will remain their vision for the next ten years.

they have the ability to transform IT into a powerful asset that allows their clients to flourish and grow. They use technology to help them achieve their goals and build deeper relationships with their customers. They are technology agnostic and use the best solution for the problem, no matter what technology it requires. The types of solutions that transform businesses, boost profitability, challenge mindsets, and disrupt markets. These types of solutions only Kelton Tech can provide.


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