Khetiwalo Organics And Agro Technologies Private Limited: Leading Supplier of India’s innovative Gluconate based 100% Organic Input


Why KHETIWALO is formed?

Low yield in saline soil has become the problem of grower.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of residue-free organic fertilizers. Currently we are developing our dealer network across Maharashtra.

Our company has started its operations in the early days of the year 2019. We are introducing innovative Gluconate Technology for organic treatment consisting of Major organic inputs, secondary organic inputs, organic Micro-nutrients, which are proven products to replace traditional chemical fertilizers. After investing more than 22 years in research our scientists had developed sustainable and easy organic treatment in agriculture. Our respectable clients are our farmers, dealers, sugar factories, FPCs, cooperative societies, and some of the B2B. The company is successfully delivering better results in all crops to make the farmers happy and satisfied.

Our Organic products are being certified by ECOCERT India and hence trustworthy to use. Our manufacturing partner viz. World Agri Solutions Private Limited has established its plants with enough facilities along with an R&D lab in Ahmadabad. We all believe in continuous research & development to deliver better products to our clients. Indigenous products are sure for available any point of time. We are strict to maintain standard quality checks while manufacturing each lot. We are committed to offering the best and long-lasting sustainable treatment to any kind of agricultural produce.

Khetiwalo is a renowned name in the era of organic and sustainable agriculture. Being an ethical company we always value the relationship with our valuable clients.

We are the supplier of India’s innovative Gluconate based 100% organic input. We promote cost-effective and profitable residue free farming maintaining (MRL). We can work in agriculture, horticulture, hydroponics, vegetables of all varieties. By providing nutrients in an already degraded condition we are able to deliver better results in all types of agricultural land having a pH range from 3.5 to 11.5. Also irrespective of the TDS of the water our company is confident to show satisfactory output to our farmers.

We have laced with a quality team who believe in consistent hardworking. Our team is fully supportive of our dealers and farmers in the field. We believe in a long term relationship to achieve our dreams and aspirations. We are committed to pulling our highest potential for strengthening the market grip. By continuous observations in the field of various crops, we have built trust about our products among users who are consistently using them since 3 years. Due to which we have got the strength to change Indian agriculture

What is residue free farming?

To produce the yield maintaining the MRL. Healthy food for a human being. To produce export quality agriculture production with higher perishable life. Long-life sustainable farming from generation to generation. Avoid 100% usage of existing chemical fertilizers. Simplified agriculture practices.

What do you think of the increase/decrease in sales this year compared with last year? Please describe briefly.

We kept on moving forward in this challenging pandemic situation and addressed farmers in mass about single window solution for their problems and farmers have shown trust on us. Our business partners (dealers) have given many efforts in the field. We have created awareness about sustainable and high yield farming. Digital media platform was game changer for the growth. Due to all these efforts we could achieve 15% growth.

What personality attributes, abilities and education do you think is necessary to improve and promote your work?

Bounce back attitude at any cost, consistency, being persistent, techno-savvy, managing people, being happy at any point in time will be necessary to grow the business.

Share about your journey from the commencement

Looking at the challenging situation of Indian farmers company directors have decided in the year 2018 to serve in a new way which will not only support farmers to improve profits but also will surely clear their major confusions about traditional farming practices.

In the same direction, company directors had started their tough journey by visiting many farmers of Maharashtra and had started to let understand them about organic farming practice with innovative technology viz. Gluconate technology. But due to the previous bad experiences, it was difficult for farmers to understand and accept the concept.

By moving throughout the length & breadth of Maharashtra and meeting more than 500 farmers’ company directors have decided to offer a free demo. Also, they had tried to monitor the comparative results against traditional practices. They succeeded to deliver better performance and in turn convince the farmers.

Parallelly company had also received the no-objection certificate for sales & marketing of organic produce in Maharashtra from Hon. Commissioner of Agriculture from Pune. With the help of both aspects i.e. results & noc, the company started to visit many dealers after its inception as a Private Limited company in Feb 2019 and succeeded to convince them about the golden opportunity to construct their future by aligning themselves with the upcoming concept of Organic India promoted by our Hon. Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modiji.

India wants sustainable, profitable & easy farming practices. Company directors made themselves align with the same bright & futuristic concept of organic farming. Company has decided to explore its network by appointing distributors, dealers & retailers, connecting with Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) throughout Maharashtra to form a robust structure.

How do you manage the promotion of your firm over social media outreach and email campaigns?

Constant digital marketing through Facebook, Linked-In, tele calling to farmers, lead generation & handing over concerned dealers helped us a lot.


We are aspiring to reach 100000 farmers by 2025. We can expand the network anywhere in the world. The company is willing to establish itself as a worldwide trusted brand. We will definitely achieve Rs. 100Crore in 2025-26.

How do you try to stay up-to-date on current needs?

By conducting the ground level survey, training, digital media.

What are your company’s actions to keep your business running during this tough time?

We have propelled our activities by 10 times – Tie-up with Akhil Maharashtra Sarpanch Parishad for market penetration. We tried every now n then to maintain the rapport with our existing business partners.

Were there any unusual weather conditions during the growing or harvesting period, e.g., drought, heavy rains, fog or humidity? What precautions will you suggest?

We are able to deliver the range of the product which helps to sustain the crop in abiotic stress conditions. They improve the roots and immune system of soil & plant as well. So, use Dharti Shakti, Krushi Amrut, Krushi Bahar, Nisarg, Missile as instructed on our website.

What is your guidance for young entrepreneurs?

Start up is future of India. Founder should keep patience for at least 1000 days to sustain and then be prepared for take off to achieve the goal of better India. Sufficient funds and proper budgeting is crucial and to be kept watched. Founder is must to have bunch of skills. As per situation you should be ready to bend and move forward.

Year of Founding:2019
Funding Information Self
Founding Members Bhushan Subhash Chhajed, Dinesh Shantilal Khandelwal
Office Locations 001, 4th floor, City Vista-A, Kharadi, Pune 411014
Company Strength 15 employees

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