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About Khosla Associates

Khosla Associates, a leading Architecture and Interior Design firm based in Bangalore India, was established by Sandeep Khosla in 1995.

The firm headed by Sandeep Khosla and Amaresh Anand create a versatile body of work ranging from architecture and interiors of residences and corporate offices to retail and hospitality spaces. They have in the past 23 years of practice won over 30 National and International Awards including the Inside Outside Designer of the Year Award, 2010. They were The ‘Education’ Category winner at the WAF/INSIDE Festival 2013 in Singapore, winner of the prestigious WAN ‘House of the Year 2017′ in London, and winner of the Bar/Restaurant Interior of 2018 at the Trends Excellence Awards.

Khosla Associate’s distinct style of tropical residential architecture uses local materials and concepts, but reinterprets them with a unique and contemporary design sensibility. The firm’s interest in global/local trends in fashion, lifestyle and design is reflected in their varied palette of bar, restaurant and hotel projects across India. Their clients range from individual home owners to companies such as Biocon, Westbridge Capital, The Park hotels, Nike, MTV and Hard Rock Café to educational institutions like Delhi Public School and the Doon School.

Wallpaper magazine (UK) listed Khosla Associates in 2011 as one of India’s 10 most innovative architectural practices. Architectural Digest named Khosla Associates as one of the most influential names in Indian Architecture and Design for 6 consecutive years (2014 to 2019)

The work of Khosla Associates is featured regularly in important Architectural and Interior publications from around the world.

Design Philosophy

At Khosla Associates, we are contextualists who believe that architecture should be rooted in one’s environment and to a particular site. After walking through a particular site we always like to ask ourselves – What building does this site really want to see?

While we work with an international style, we draw inspiration from traditional concepts, craft as well as local material. We interpret the same with a contemporary design approach.

Our design is experiential and attempts to modulate space to create beautiful, peaceful or dramatic spaces. There is a certain romanticism to our work, a narrative quality that leads the viewer into varied experiences, and we enjoy creating work which references the old, has a hint of nostalgia while being wholly innovative.

Living in a tropical environment, our architecture is climate sensitive and the relationship between built form and the external environment constant.

We work in a hands-on way working closely to customize solutions with our collaborators. The process of making is sometimes as rewarding as the process of conceiving.

We look at design holistically often blurring the boundaries between the disciplines of architecture, interior design, landscape, furniture and lighting.

We have over the past 20 years tried to develop our version of an ‘India Modern’ sensibility.


Sandeep Khosla – Founder & Principal

Sandeep studied architecture at Pratt Institute, New York, then returned to India to establish Khosla Associates in 1995.

Sandeep developed a philosophy and design language which is still 20 years later, at the core of the firm’s vocabulary and approach.

Sandeep was picked by India Today magazine as one of the fifty men and women under the age of 35 from various fields of enterprise who are poised to be leaders of tomorrow, by Home Review magazine as one of India’s eight leading designers and by Construction World Magazine as one of the countries’ top 10 architects. Sandeep was included in Architectural Digest’s list of the 50 most Influential names in Indian Architecture and Design 2014.

Sandeep has been a speaker at several international design conferences. Some of these include Kyoorius Design Yatra, Goa, 2011; 361 Degrees “Architecture of Purpose”, Mumbai, 2013; India Design ID, New Delhi, 2013 and 2019; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 2004; AD Power Talks 2018. He was a judge and speaker at the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors, Singapore 2014, and presented the firms’ work at the ArchMarathon Awards, Milan 2014.

Amaresh Anand – Principal & Partner

Amaresh studied Architecture at the BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore.

He joined the firm very early in his career in 1998 after interning with some of the other prominent architectural voices in the city. Over the past 15 years he has been integral to the evolution of the firm. He became an Associate in the year 2000 and is currently a Principal at Khosla Associates.

Amaresh’s eye for design detailing and expertise in construction technologies has enabled interpreting the firms’ vocabulary in new and innovative ways.

Amaresh was awarded the Inside Outside ‘Designer Of The Year’ 2010 along with Sandeep. He was also the ‘EDIDA’ award 2011 winner in the furniture category for the ‘Teapoy table’ along with Sandeep and Tania Khosla.

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