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“K&K follows stringent delivery practices which are consistent and as per defined quality standards.”

Khurana & Khurana: End-To-End Solutions for Establishing and Enshrining Exemplary Intellectual Property

Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) is more than just a commercial and intellectual property law business. K&K was established in 2007 with the goal of offering end-to-end IP prosecution, litigation, and commercial law services in a corporate-centric way. K&K adheres to strict delivery procedures that are consistent and meet predetermined quality criteria. K&K collaborates closely with its sister company, IIPRD, to provide end-to-end IP legal and commercialization/licensing services to over 3000 companies.

K&K collaborates closely with its sister company, IIPRD, to provide end-to-end IP legal and commercialization/licensing services to over 3000 companies. K&K has strong rankings from Legal 500, MIP, IAM, Chambers, Asia IP, Global 100, Rsg, Niti Aayog, WIPR Leaders, Global Venture, and ACQ5 among others, and has a team of over 150 professionals spread across 10 offices in India (New Delhi, NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Indore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Punjab, Chennai).

Khurana & Khurana’s team of IP Attorneys/Practitioners, with a high degree of technical and legal expertise, gives them the competitive edge and positioning we need as a law company focused on maximising IP value for their clients. K&K provides a rare combination of legal opinion, out-of-the-box thinking for the protection of ideas/IP, and entrepreneurial spirit to its client base through its experienced and trained team of Attorneys/Practitioners across Technology and Legal Domains. K&K sincerely thinks that long-term thinking is the key to success, which is why they focus on developing long-term partnerships through a high level of customer orientation.

Services Provided by Khurana & Khurana

K&K focuses on a broad range of Technology Consulting / IP Research Services spanning all stages of IP Procurement, Management and Enforcement. K&K has a diligent Patent and Legal Professionals who enable the firm to provide the complete spectrum of services starting from Market/Technology Research, Licensing/Commercialization to Litigation Support. K&K has more than 10 years of substantive experience which has helped it gain a prominent name in the Industry as a reliance and trustworthy partner in the complete Research and Analytics Process.

IP Protection And Portfolio Management

Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys was founded with the express purpose of assisting businesses in gaining anticipated commercial and economic benefit from the effective production, protection, and enforcement of their intellectual property. Khurana & Khurana has established a distinct and strategic position for itself by providing end-to-end IP services to its clients, from the first stages of IP creation to successful commercialization of IP for the achievement of targeted business goals. Patent experts’ role and importance in IP (intellectual property) portfolio management (IPM) is growing in prominence among businesses, academic institutions, and legal bodies.

IP Litigation & Enforcement

Khurana & Khurana has a ten-year track record in patent litigation and represents some of the world’s most well-known corporations in IP infringement cases. Our experience includes conducting due diligence on prospective infringers for IP owners and appraising the market for the same. Our business offers Patent/Trade Mark Attorneys/Practitioners who have advanced qualifications in a variety of technical disciplines and are fully aware of the complexities of claim mapping and enforcement provisions under various IP laws.

IP Advisory

Khurana & Khurana helps corporations maximise the value of their intellectual property portfolios by providing accurate legal opinions that ensure that all possible solutions to a problem are identified and due diligence on each method is presented in a clear and concise manner so that the client can make an informed decision about how to proceed. Regarding a client’s products and technologies, K&K provides Prior art, Freedom to Operate, Validity, and Non-infringement opinions. Before beginning a legal action, K&K produces a complete IP Litigation Strategy to ensure that the client understands the next steps, establishes expectations, and is aware of the costs involved in the process.

Commercial Law Practice

Business, commerce, and consumer transactions are all governed by commercial law. With the opening up approach to FDI and WTO, India’s commercial law has developed quickly over the years. It allows, to the extent possible, corporations and individuals to do business as they see fit, rather than being forced to adhere to outdated forms. As a result, Commercial Law Practice is increasingly seen as a critical and vital part of any business activity. Corporates must tackle the difficulty of complying with commercial contract law for the effective operation of their firm in this era of globalisation, as sweeping changes in business strategies necessitate. Corporates must tackle the difficulty of complying with commercial contract law in this era of globalisation, since sweeping changes in company strategies necessitate compliance with commercial contract law for the successful operation of their business and commerce.

Domain Name Resolution Practice

The management of Top Level Domain Names is handled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy governs the resolution of domain name disputes for generic top-level domains (GTLDs),.edu,, among others. Complaints under the UDRP can be lodged with any of the ICANN-accredited arbitration centres. The UDRP also permits complaints to be filed in the jurisdictional civil court where the Registrant or Registrar is located. If the Registrar or the Registrant is based in India, the disagreement can be settled by civil court action.

Anti-Counterfeiting Practice

Attorneys at Khurana & Khurana have significant experience in the area of anti-counterfeiting, particularly in the FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Apparels, Footwear, and Medical Devices product verticals, and can assist in developing a comprehensive strategy for combating counterfeit products by laying out all possible risks and assumptions, as well as the costs associated with each step taken, so that the client can take a judicious and objective step.

Tarun Khurana Partner & Patent Attorney

A landmark Supreme Court judgement in the Bajaj Auto Ltd. VS TVS Motor Co Ltd. patent infringement case (over the use of twin-spark plug engine technology) directed all Indian courts to conduct speedy trials in IP related issues without adjournments, marking one of the most significant milestones in the intellectual property (IP) protection law. This was a real eye-opener for the most basic but difficult cases of IP. As more and more circumstances like this arise, businesses see it as critical to hire a specialist in IP law, the greatest of which is Khurana & Khurana (K&K). The Noida-based organisation, which was founded in 2007 with a firm focus on quality standards at par excellence, is a full-fledged Intellectual Property (IP) Law firm that provides cutting-edge and corporate-centric IP legal services. It works in tandem with its sister company, IIPRD, to carve out a niche for businesses as they move from IP creation through IP valuation, licencing, and commercialization.

Law Maestros Special Squad

K&K is one of India’s major Indian IP Law Firms, with seven offices in India and over 3000 clients. It provides consistent and end-to-end solutions to its clients. It is well-known for its efficient services, which include providing unique advice and action in the shortest possible period (much lesser than any other players). The firm, which was founded under the leadership of passionate attorneys such as Vinod Khurana (Senior Partner and Trademark Attorney) and Tarun Khurana & Meenakshi Khurana (Partners and Patent Attorneys), reveres its highly-skilled team with exceptional educational qualifications, exemplary experience, and expertise as its life force.

It has dedicated teams for each sector of technology and science, all of which are led by qualified individuals. K&K exemplifies a rare blend of lateral thinking and entrepreneurial energy, focusing on a high level of customer orientation and establishing long-term connections with its customers. Various important international agencies have praised it, including MIP, Asia IP, Legal 500, and IAM, which states, “It has rapidly built-up a sizable workforce with well-honed drafting abilities across the spectrum of technology.”

IP creation, protection, and portfolio management (patents, trademarks, copyright, design, and geographical indications), IP litigation (trade mark litigation, opposition proceedings, litigation support, invalidation proceedings, domain name resolution practise), IP advisory & opinions (patent search mapping & analysis, due-diligence, building IP strategy, research & analytics), commercial law practise, and medical law practise are just some of the areas where K&K can help.

Chemical and pharmaceutical patents, life sciences and biotechnology patents, electrical and mechanical patents, and other areas are all covered. The firm has never hesitated to incorporate the clients’ requests for adjustments, and it does not conclude a project until they are completely satisfied with it, ensuring that the results are always up to par.

Working hard and achieving high results

K&K has won numerous prestigious awards, including ‘IP Valuation Firm of the Year’ and ‘IP Patents Law Firm of the Year in India,’ for successfully safeguarding some incredibly complicated innovations (in the patents sector) and conducting interesting due-diligence. It is because of this competence that the company has grown from a 20-person team to a 110-person team in just five years. “We are set to increase our client connections and create university tie-ups, following our existing strategy for increasing personnel, revenue, and clients,” adds Ankur Sehgal, Patent Attorney at K&K.

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