10. Nitish Raikar Partner CEO Kilowott The 10 Most Influential CEOs Making a Difference 2022

Reimagining the way businesses operate and crafting digital experiences with the user at the core

Kilowott was founded in 2014 in Norway by a creative team of brothers, Caleb Fernandez, Judah Fernandez, and Aaron Fernandez. They are led by a strong management team consisting of people with business acumen and decades of proven experience in the areas of driving big changes, technological transformations, user experience transformations, etc. They are a boutique business experience transformation firm that is accelerating growth for businesses of all sizes across industries by redefining the way businesses operate and crafting digital experiences with the user. All of their business experience transformation engagements focus on a better digital customer experience. Increasing the profitability of the business.

Their core philosophy is focused on design and user experience-led digital transformation by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. They leverage their industry expertise and design leadership based on the three principles of Design, Digital Technologies, and Business Process Automation for Business Experience Transformation (BXT) with the user. Kilowott has partnered with some amazing brands and F500 companies to help them build relationships with their customers and convert clicks into customers. They have operations in North America, Norway, Denmark, Holland, and India, and are associated with 2000+ projects globally, and counting.

Their Product Or Service:

Products and services drive your business to generate revenue. Because they form the basis of your business operations, it is important to take a calculated, strategic approach to design your products and services. Service design is the coordination and combination of people, communication, and content components to create a winning service. Product design is the combination of manufacturing capabilities with product and business knowledge to transform ideas into physical and useful goods.

  1. Design and development of a website
  2. Mobile apps development
  3. Full-Stack Development
  4. QA and testing
  5. Mobile games development
  6. Wearables app development
  7. UI/UX Development

Customers often come to us for marketing services, but they have disorganized product and service offerings with a vague value proposition. If you are not clearly stating the benefits of your products and services, you are losing sales and revenue. If you don’t have a clear product or service position with successful differentiation, a large percentage of potential customers will choose your competitors over you. Don’t make that mistake. You can contact them to learn how they can help you develop their products and services to help position your brand positively.


Kilowott’s mission is to redefine or reimagine its customers’ business experience and business processes by redesigning the silos of our customers’ existing customer engagement processes.

Their design heritage along with their digital transformation expertise and deep focus on user experience helps us to stand out from the crowd and provide the right building blocks to transform your business and turbo drive it to success. Their vision is to combine innovation in business and services by leveraging existing technological capabilities to refresh existing services to create a disruptive change in the human experience.


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