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7. Rishi Ahuja, Founder- Klip VR- The 10 Best Leaders in AR and VR Industry 2022

Klip VR experiences are dedicated to bringing an experience that is unforgettable and develops the art of imagination in a learner. Klip VR is India’s premier fully Integrated Virtual Reality learning system, that compliments and empowers the existing educational practices. They are a team of dynamic and passionate thinkers who celebrate challenges, ideate solutions, and believe in creating immersive experiences that change the way people see the world.

Klip VR Virtual Experiences allow you to go beyond the physical boundaries of the classrooms – be it walking on the moon, diving to the depth of the ocean, or taking a journey inside the human body, which otherwise are practically impossible for students, thereby amplifying the knowledge and understanding of the world around them with a core focus in building curiosity, fact retention, visual learning, making learners future-ready. Their quality VR content is based on the principle of advanced technology in development and providing the world’s best immersive VR experience.

Klip VR has been designed for educators and learners to provide an immersive VR experience to invoke a sense of curiosity and help them understand concepts in real-time through virtual learning. Acting as an aid to the curriculum, our young learners can explore, develop and grow in ways they could never imagine before.

Chandrayaan VR allows learners to be a part of the Indian Space Mission and experience several events that aid the scientific learning of the subject. With accurate recreation of the Lunar mission, the students are teleported to explore a virtual world, enabling them to:

  • Become an Indian Space Scientist: To experience and become a part of the entire mission, get the first-hand feel of various scientific aspects such as the launch site, the assembly lab, the control room, etc.
  • Launch the Chandrayaan: The learner is also able to launch GSLV MK III from the launchpad and experience multiple stages of the Chandrayaan journey including the landing of Chandrayaan 3 on the moon, which is expected in 2021.
  • Conduct Lunar Surface Experiments: By driving Pragyan Rover and collecting multiple scientific samples and learning about lunar surface topography.

At Klip VR, they aim to ignite the imagination of every young learner via immersive exploratory experiences. Virtual Reality isn’t just an immersive tool when teaching, it also opens the doors for integration in a classroom like it has never been seen before, capable of transporting students to experience firsthand topics that are being studied while having a digital world with endless possibilities at the palm of their hands. Klip VR’s mission is to bring the best learning technologies for every child in every school to shape the future of tomorrow.

Website- https://klipvr.com/index.html

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