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11. Minal Ahluwaliya - Director- KP Factors Business Solutions- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021


KP Factors (– Key Performance Factors)- has a vision to disrupt SaaS space by hosting and developing a marketplace of SaaS apps where subscribers can pick and choose applications on the same physical platform, much like mobile apps from Google play store or Apple’s App store. The key difference in our approach from other SaaS platform providers is ability to build correlation between hosted Applications, thus enabling value add coming from correlated intelligence (data mashups) between applications. This also delivers benefit to subscribers by incrementally adding subscription to new applications, much like adding modules of an ERP.

We are continually adding to our repository of SaaS applications and offer great terms for businesses looking to solve their business problems via SaaS.


1. Field Automation Solutions

Solve your field automation problem by turning your field workforce into a data powerhouse without the CapEx, risk or lock in! Our platform for rapid delivery of Automation, Analytics business problems comes packed with features to transform your field operations…

2. Retail Trading Platform

A disruptive technology to build an ecosystem to deliver connects between Brands, Consumers, Loyalty Influencers and Retailers via 3-way eCommerce. This technology can be used to build an industry aggregator platform or privately by individual Brands as ready to use technology solution to give customers choice to access their products from nearby offline retailers…

3. IoT Platform

SpotOnT is our platform to automate device generated and mobile events with use cases in site governance, maintenance & housekeeping operations of sites & buildings. It covers site security scenarios and is an aid to Administrative, HR & Security departments who wish to automate supervision & monitoring processes with use of technology.

Our Solution

With MarketCLout TM*, we have a proven solution that addresses Price tracking and price setting issues:

Authorization control for price tracking and setting:

  • A fundamental problem of sales hierarchy management is controlling authorization of field force for channels, products or micro market level reporting as well as supporting workflows that support sales hierarchy for exception management, decisions. MarketCLout TM* incorporates features to maintain allocations of events, product types, channels and micro markets as well as access to reports, making it an effective controlling system.

Micro market pricing:

  • Pricing differently for micro markets is significant challenge, especially in high price elasticity and high price volatility products. Decisions need to be specific to micro markets, frequent and then must be propagated to the relevant field force, ensuring only the correct prices go to the correct personnel. This requires maintenance of sales hierarchy which MarketCLout TM* incorporates. MarketCLout TM* provides sophisticated features to enable decision making in a cascading hierarchy which eases the process of managing large micro market based decision making.

Big picture:

  • Don’t lose out seeing the wood for the trees! MarketCLout TM* automatically generates average prices, demand forecast views moving up in sales hierarchy of sales territory. Thus enabling decision making on broad analysis derived from detailed micro market level data, while retaining the ability to drill down at lowest micro market levels for issue analysis and remedial actions.

Data quality:

  • MarketCLout TM* incorporates several validation, authorization and vetting rules to prevent from poor data (either due to typos or even due to deliberate mis-reporting for that matter) making through to system. Thereby assuring that your decisions are based on data you can trust.
  • Data quality is crucial indicator of field force performance, MarketCLout TM* incorporates analysis of field data quality, thus offering insight into specific areas of problem for remedial actions.

Analytic and alerting:

  • MarketCLout TM* automatically analyzes all your micro markets and raises alerts where price difference in comparison to any competitor breaches threshold, giving you ability to take immediate remedial actions. This information is available both via on demand reports or system generated alert.
  • MarketCLout TM* enables you to maintain a realized value or net price (i.e. billing price – specific operational delivery costs to that micro market), thus giving you unparalled insight into analysis of various micro markets. The maintained operational delivery costs cover a range of factors and may be updated with sophisticated forms designed to support sales territories.

Price Reporting Frequency customization

  • MarketCLout TM* provides ability to manage price volatility of your context by letting you define price reporting frequency. For each elapsed pricing period, data is made available for analysis and decision making, thereby giving you decision making ability based on as recent as last elapsed period (minimum every 2 hours for highly volatile price scenarios).

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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