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“Under one roof, end-to-end solutions for corporate law and compliance”

Krupa Joisar & Associates: Under one roof, end-to-end solutions for corporate law and compliance

Krupa Joisar, Founder

The first step to success is to think large and dare to dream. A few amazing people have chosen to forego their financial and professional security in order to pursue their aspirations. They choose the less-traveled path simply to follow their hearts. Krupa Joisar is one such storey. Krupa graduated from SIES Collegeof Commerce and Economics with a She is from a modest household in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. Simultaneously, she completed her CS, went on to GLC College of Law to acquire her LLB, and then interned at Mehta & Mehta, a CS firm in Mumbai. Her professional career began approximately two years ago with the Lodha Group of Companies.

She managed several mergers, agreement vetting, and securities issuing responsibilities at Lodha. Working with Lodha exposed her to the practical issues that corporations face when enforcing the law, as well as the importance of hiring a specialist to help them. This fueled her desire to open her own practise in some way. She left Lodha to pursue her ambitions. Krupa Joisar & Associates was founded on this date (KJA).

“We began as a one-person operation from home, eventually expanding to a tiny office, and now we are a team of eight dedicated experts supporting innovation and developing corporate secretarial and legal practises in India.” We are dedicated to delivering high-quality results while maintaining a progressive and innovative mindset; taking on a variety of hard assignments is what keeps us going!!” says Krupa. The firm offers its clients a comprehensive range of advice, company secretarial, audit, and representative services – all under one roof. She says, “We believe we are well-equipped to tackle the demands of the evolving regulatory environment.”

KJA works with a variety of law firms, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Financial Planners, and other professionals to provide corporate legal advice and implementation to a diverse range of clients. It currently has partnerships with clients in cities like as Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Goa, to name a few.

An advantage over the competition

KJA works with clients from the planning stage through the execution stage. It assists clients with IPR, Companies Act, FEMA, NBFC Laws, Banking Laws, Listing Regulations, Patents Law, and Secretarial Audits, among other business laws. “Our USP is transaction structuring. “We specialise in significant transactions like mergers, raising capital, buying out stakes, and other similar types of transaction consulting and implementation,” she says.

KJA has clients in a variety of industries, including real estate, manufacturing, e-commerce, transportation, advisory, medical, the hospitality sector, and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs). “We have clients ranging from startups to listed corporations on the BSE and NSE,” Krupa says. It’s worth noting that we’ve grown at an annual rate of roughly 85% during the last three and a half years. We have verticals based on the authorities in charge of enforcing legislation. Each vertical is led by a member of the team who is knowledgeable and experienced.”

Team KJA adheres to Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara, which means stating the truth and following the path of dharma. It ensures that everyone in the team is on the same page. Employees are also encouraged to pursue higher education and knowledge advancement. It holds a knowledge upgradation session every two weeks, during which all team members examine and discuss relevant regulatory updates and modifications.

Team KJA aspires to have a global presence with strong professional ethics and quality service in the next years. With a perfect blend of expertise and skills, it aspires to deliver end-to-end solutions for corporate law and compliances under one roof.


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