9. Sandeep Kumar Nayak - Director- Kytics- Top 10 Best Enterprise Software Startups In 2021

Kytics is a digital product agency offering custom software, mobile and web application development consulting house, having highly experienced team delivering in IT industry solutions. We facilitate requirements across industries as Video Conferencing, Blockchain, E-commerce, NBFCs and Online Gaming. Be it applications with AI, Automated Multitasking Solution or concept designing with multilingual content for a website; you can be sure to get the right assistance and true Support.

Kytics is also offering Product based Software, a baby step to fulfil the need of the hour we have catered to the digital requirements of our customers by launching IN MEETING a video Conferencing tool for corporates and an Online classroom for Educational Organisations.

Starting off in 2009 with a small team of 3 people called “krititech”, now we are expanding our organisation as “KYTICS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD” having current strength of 28+ highly motivated members connected to clients across India, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and the United States. Our average years of partnership with companies is 4.5 years and average years of retention for our staffs is 5 years

We believe in progress through partnership thus help our clients to research, prepare and adapt to market changes and outperform competitors by providing quality cutting edge solutions at an affordable cost.


1. NBFC: Non Banking Finance Companies have long been an important connection between the rural audience and the banking sector of the country. Kytics has developed Online Payment Systems, E-commerce modules and Branch Audit applications for NBFCs.

2. BLOCKCHAIN: We are a blockchain dapps company in India that provides a decentralized secure application for a client with a digital currency of the future and most of the industries shall be directly or indirectly impacted. Our dApp development team can help businesses stay on the competitive edge in decentralized applications.

3. E-COMMERCE: The evergreen industry is only expected to grow more in the future. Kytics has been privileged to develop, deliver and maintain multiple E-commerce platforms including one of its own.

4. ERP SOLUTION: ERP today helps systems to improve enterprise efficiency and effectiveness and also creates a transparent environment with real-time

communication. ERP also helps to track HRM, Finances, etc We have designed one of the best financial and tracking tools for Deliuxe Wash, OMC, Annapurna Finance p ltd. and others.

5. IN MEETING: Kytics offer professional Videoconferencing/Online Classroom solution for Corporate & Educational Institutions. We provide real-time sharing of audio, video, slides, chat, and screen sharing. Interaction gets easy with sharing of emoji icons, polling, and breakout rooms.

6. EDU. SOLUTION: Kytics offer a number of products for Educational Institution including simplified LMS tool, Online Classroom, Assessment Centre and many more. We also cater a customised solution for the Organisation.


1. Compliance management System: Kytics has developed this system for Mining Companies operating in India & successfully implemented it across 8 mines in Odisha.

2. Large Scale E-commerce Apps: Experience in developing more than 50 E-commerce applications including global leaders like E-Junkie and Dermpro.

3. Artificial Trading Engines: One of the first companies in the country to develop artificially intelligent trading bots for digital currency exchanges.

4. Digital Casinos and Betting: Experienced in developing multiple betting and gaming engines. Have developed online Sabong betting Sites for companies in the Philippines and Cambodia.

*This interview is covered by Swiftnlift Business Magazine

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