Land, labor, and education are the keys to India’s

2.Land, labor, and education are the keys to India_s economic growth amid the Ukraine war IMF

economic growth amid the Ukraine war: IMF

Land, labor and education directly influence the nation’s growth. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) pointed out that India should focus on boosting of land, labor and education sector to enhance economic growth.

Women’s participation also has to encourage. According to the IMF, focusing on infrastructure investment while maintaining a balanced fiscal perspective could be a better way to help vulnerable households. IMF reduces the growth outlook of India by 80 basis points to 8.2% during the Russia-Ukraine war for FY 2023.

The policy tradeoffs is difficult that are apparent from the fallout from the Ukraine war, as higher oil prices expected to weigh on gross and raise current account deficits and push up inflation.

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